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Sad Meatwad
Sad Meatwad

Meatwad is a character from the animated televsion series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Meatwad is a ball of meat who rolls around wherever he goes even though his facial features remain static. He has a very simple mind and is almost child-like, and is often exploited by Master Shake because of his naive understanding of the world. Because of this, Meatwad as a character can often be hilarious and his childish innocence lends him a loveable charm that is hard to dislike. In one episode it was discovered that Meatwad didn't have an actual brain, it was just a squeaky toy brain.

For some reason Meatwad has the ability to morph from his normal spherical shape into a hotdog form and also an igloo shape. In a few other rare occurrences he has also morphed into a hand with the middle finger sticking up, a flower, a bridge and also "Samurai Lincoln", a samurai version of Abe Lincoln. Meatwad's form molds to whatever he is wearing (which is often nothing). At one point, Meatwad thought he was pregnant, but it was in fact spider eggs embedded in him from a spider he picked up along the road.

Meatwad is a big fan of videogames, in the show he is seen playing fictional videogames such as "Video Ouija", "Moon Master" and "Insult Master" in which he excels. Meatwad is sensitive, and therefore it's easy to make him cry.


  • Meatwad's favorite letter is either X or K, he can't remember which.
  • Meatwad was born without a brain, instead has a squeaky toy brain.
  • He has a friend that is a box, named Boxy Brown that has a face drawn on it and a large afro wig. His other two friends are Dewey, a cardboard tube with wings, and Vanessa, a green apple.


  • "Do what now?"
  • "My Elvis costume, I haven't seen that since Halloween!"
  • "Damn that's a good game. Challenging... yet, nutritious... so let's play it again."
  • "Well then get me that Jiggle Billy, that's the one I want... with the musket and the moonshine and the night-vision goggles and the bare feet."
  • "Quiet. I need complete concentration or the child will die."
  • "Shoot, I'm so dumb as hell I'll never get hired in today's fast-paced world. I'm gonna go to my room and just wait for my body to die."
  • "Wait a second, this ain't no brain, this a damn bees nest!"
  • "How can I explain this without... blowing your mind?"
  • "Now that I don't have a brain I don't even know what that means."
  • "I want a unicorn with a horn, and a banana seat, and a banana...suit...too. Gimme that."
  • "I want that boy for my birthday party."
  • "Hey, chicken, arise!"
  • "Master Shake ain't my best friend, neither. He yells at me and scares me and locks me in the attic and pours liquid on my head that stinks and freezes me with a fire extinguisher and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't remember 'cause he shocked me in the head with a car battery."
  • "We're bringing [Master Shake] back? Uh-uh, my ass we is! I ain't been hit all day. I kinda like it."
  • "Shoot, I don't listen to that kiddie crap anymore, I'm kicking the adult jams now, see, check it. MC Pee Pants doesn't just want candy, now that's childish. He needs it. And when you need something, that's a responsibility...that only an adult...of my maturity...BUNNIES!"
  • "See you keep saying plague of snakes, and all I hear from you is Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny."
  • "I'm thinking that you need to wash the ass out of that shirt!"
  • "Here's a novel idea. Hell no."
  • "Super Bowl's in Detroit this year...the home of Robocop."
  • "I'll become the igloo. He'll see me from across space and he'll say 'Hey, igloo! Eskimos must live here."
  • "I get hoo-ah and Santa Claus mixed up."
  • "This asbestos is itchy."
  • "Well, don't that kick a little ass!"
  • "I'm in business. Business of kickin' your ass. And let me tell you, business is boomin'. I'm open for business. The business of giving you the business. Up your butt. Business is good! Business is good!"
  • "Oh... boy, I apologize. My hormones are goin' nuts. Now, please... if you would... get the (bleep) outta my way. I mean, how many times I gotta (bleepin)in' write "ice cream" on this (bleep)in' list before someone gets in (bleep)in' gear, and brings home the (bleep)in' ice cream? Maybe I should get a steak knife, and etch it in your mutha(bleep)in' forehead! How hard can it (bleep)in' be? Ice mutha(bleep)in' cream! I guess that's the price I pay for livin' with two (bleep)in' morons!"
  • "Dear Gee Whiz. Please bless thine presence with a 16 inch, thick crust, meat craver's special. With the mild sauce. Amen. And please bring a side of wings while we wait."
  • "I want lips like the Tomb Raider. I got flat lips, they not sultry."
  • (When Frylock offers him a twist of lemon on his celery) "How about a twist of I gouge your motherfuckin' eyes out! Get my my goddamn wing sauce."
  • "Can I just have one funnel cake........eating contest?"
  • "These underwear were so cheap at the store because I got them pre-skidded."
  • "Vampires...on a bus?"
  • "I don't wanna read a story. I wanna watch a story."
  • "Everyone in this house got eye lasers except me! What did I do wrong to God?"

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