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Just letting the community know, you no longer need an invite (or to buy a Founder's package) to play MechWarrior online. They're taking open registrations and letting anyone download the client at their website as of this morning.

What to expect? Well, first of all, it's very much still an unfinished game. There are bugs, there's not a lot of content yet, and the whole thing is confusing as hell. But underneath it all, I feel it's actually a pretty solid game - and it feels very much like MechWarrior, something we've been missing for near on a decade now.

If anyone has any questions, I've been kicking around closed beta for a while and I have ever intention to keep playing until release sometime next year. I'm also planning on writing a basic guide specifically for Giantbomb, but until that happens (if ever) send me a PM or just ask away here.

And to fellow MWO vets, maybe we can get a lance going? Organization never hurts.

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Shit does that mean that the founders timed bonuses have started counting down or are they still going to reset them when it comes out of beta?

Cause if they have i might need to start playing again :P

Have they fixed the major disbalances of gear, revamped the mech lab, or introduced other modes/maps?

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is this worth checking out if I liked Hawken but never really played MechWarrior? Or will I just get my ass handed to me?

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@murisan: Both.

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I take back my HHHNNNGGG, first impression is taht this game is wildly unbalanced. Imagine world of tanks, except your shitty little starter tier 1 gets thrown into clan wars against tier 10s. Why is matchmaking so difficult for devs to figure out?

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I'm having a lot of fun with the trial mechs, can't wait until I can afford a mech.

My Mechwarrior name is Den Mother, add me if you wanna play

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Going to re install the beta again to check out myself what changes have been made since closed beta.

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@Giantstalker: Just jumped on for the first time an hour ago and let me tell you - watch the damn intro video. While most of the stuff feels/sounds like common sense, I had a better understanding of what I was doing and where to go when I watched it. Also, is anyone else having FPS problems? Is it just the fact that it's a beta (kind of like how PS2 is doing right now)?

I feel I should get better than 20fps :/.

Add Kindgineer if you'd like!

PS: I'm also up for being part of a lance. I find that people always preform better when in an organized group. This game definitely caters to a team mentality.

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It seems like that, but it's not. Those stock mechs are decent. Sure, you can tweak a mech for personal preference, but the trial mechs are decent.

The learning curve is brutal, and there doesn't seem to be any skill based matching yet.

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About the current trial 'mechs: The Centurion and Awesome aren't bad. Stay away from the Raven and the Dragon right now.

I agree the learning curve is insane and they need and in-game tutorial to sort it out. Right now they have a video that's really just a stop gap measure, and not even a great one at that. I think it's right on their site linked to the front page.

Some basic quirks in the current build:

  • ARROW KEYS change your weapon row and column, CONTROL enables or disables a weapon in a numbered group, and BACKSPACE sets weapons to chain fire one after the other instead of all at once.
  • Machine guns and flamers are worthless. Don't take them if you can help it, even a Small Laser is a better choice.
  • Double heat sinks are currently bugged, and also wicked expensive. They know and are working on fixing it.
  • PPCs and ER PPCs are a little lackluster right now, and generate a lot of heat. Especially the latter. Ditto for ER Large Lasers.
  • LRMs will bounce off the ground or any target closer than 180 meters, doing no damage.
  • Currently you only need one jump jet to fly fine - not three or four - this may be a bug but it really does work.
  • I would argue that right now, the best weapons are Small/Medium lasers, SSRM2's, Gauss Rifles, and LRMs in general. Weapon balance is of course ongoing.
  • The range listed for weapons is not the max range, it's the ideal range. They still do gradually diminished damage out to 2x optimal range (where this value is essentially zero).

And some tactical tips...

  • Never ever get caught alone, unless you're fast enough to get away with it (128km/h+).
  • Always make sure you have a building or hill to hide behind. Just assume missiles are always inbound.
  • 'H' is Heat (or thermal) vision. 'N' is Night vision. 'Z' is Zoom, with three stages up to 3x.
  • The map you're on actually affects heat buildup in your 'mech, with the volcanic Caustic Valley being the hottest and the icy Frozen City the coolest.
  • Taking out one leg will cripple an enemy. Taking out both legs will destroy the enemy immediately.
  • The circle on your reticle is where your arms are currently pointed. The cross hairs are where the body is currently facing. Make sure you know which weapons are in the arms, and which are in the body.

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