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    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 22, 2003

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    Medal of Honor Breakthrough is the second expansion pack for the game Medal Of Honor Allied Assault . This expansion can be played without owning the first expansion.

    Main character is John Baker a soldier within the 34th infantry division called "Red Bull", Baker were trained at Camp Claiborne,Louisiana.

    The campaign

    The campaign starts of in Kasserine,Tunisia on the 20th of February 1943, Baker and his men need to clear all the Machine gun placements along a road but they need to have an eye out for German landmines.

    Next mission is in Bizerte,Tunisia on the 20th of April 1943, Baker needs to sneak into a German ship that contains secret documents to steal the documents and then blow the ship up.

    Next mission is Sicily, Italy on the 10th of July 1943 the squads airplane gets shot down and your squad is spread over a large area, you need to localize your squad and survive all the enemy fire.

    Next mission is Monte Cassino, Italy on the 12th on January 1944. You are going to invade axis establishments and try to rescue allied soldiers.

    Next mission is Anzio,Italy on the 14th of april 1944, The axis forces has gather a large amount of artillery that's a large threat to the allies, your goal is to take out some artillery placements before they go of and take out a bridge and a large amount of the allied forces

    Next mission is Monte Battaglia, Italy on the 28th of September 1944, Your company needs to defend the mountaintop from axis forces and there is no reinforcements available.


    • Kasserine, Tunisia
    • Bizerte, Italy
    • Sicily,Italy
    • Monte Cassino,Italy
    • Anzio,Italy
    • Monte Battaglia,Italy

    New Weapons

    • Bomba a Mano S.R.C.M Modello 35
    • Bomba a Mano Breda Modello 35F
    • Beretta Modello 34
    • Carcano Modello 91
    • Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1(T)
    • Moschetto Automatico Beretta Modello 38A
    • Breda Modello 30
    • Vickers Berthier Mk3b
    • PIAT
    • Obice Cannone Da 75/18 Modello 37
    • Cannone Da 47/32 Modello 35

    New Vehicles

    • AB-41
    • Carro P.40
    • Macchi 205 Veltro
    • Churchill Mk. VII Infantery Tank


     All the games in the Allied Assault series are quite easy to mod so there are tons of weapon skins and custom maps available.


     The multiplayer component of Breakthrough contains 9 multiplayer maps(Later released to Spearhead) 
    If you're playing the game over internet the amount of players are 2-32 players if you're playing it over a LAN you can play 2-64 players.


    • Free For All
    • Team Game
    • Round Based Game
    • Objective Game
    • Tug Of War Game
    • Liberation

    Liberation Mode

    Liberation is a new game mode for Medal Of Honor™. The main goal with Liberation is to catch all the opponents into your Jail, when a player gets killed he is put into a jail and remains there until a team mate rescues him or they loose.

    Crossgame Multiplayer

    Players that play Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead can play against the players playing Breakthrough since there is not so much difference between the two titles multiplayer component. The liberation game mode were released in a patch to Spearhead so people could even play that game mode against each other. 

    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements

    • Windows® XP,Windows ME,Windows 98 or Windows 95
    • 450mz Intel® Pentium® III or 500mz AMD Athlon™ processor
    • 56,6 kbit/s(Multiplayer Only)
    • 128mb RAM
    • 8x CD ROM unit
    • 800 mb HDD space
    • 16mb OpenGL Nvidia GeForce 3 or ATI Rage 128
    • Direct X 8.0
    • Keyboard and Mouse

    Recommended Requirements

    • Windows XP
    • 700mhz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
    • 256mb RAM
    • 32mb OpenGL graphics card

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