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A lazy product 16

The more beard you got, the more important you are.Lets get this out of the way. In the grand scheme, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the picture-perfect example of what a clichéd action game is. Modern military, check. Fighting terrorists, check. Military jargon, check. Fast paced multiplayer with progression system taking place in relatively brown environments, check. Although Warfighter scales back from the theatrics of Call of Duty in favor of a more grounded in reality story, it’s still nothi...

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I wanted to like it. 3

I really wanted to like Medal of Honor Warfighter, as I have enjoyed both Battlefield 3 and the Call of Duty series. I was hoping for some kind of mix match between the two series, with the tactical realism espoused by the developers, and the destructive adaptive multiplayer of the Frostbite 2 engine. What I got was a single player campaign that never strayed from the Call of Duty model, and a multiplayer that copied Call of Duty, while leaving Battlefield 3's best mechanics behind.Single Player...

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What do you expect from a Modern Military Shooter? 0

So, after playing a fair bit I am pretty mixed on this game. The single player is good and the visuals are excellent, but something about it lacks the polish and depth of BF3. So here is a quick review from me:Single PlayerThe single player imo is definitely more "story" driven than others in it's genre, but honestly that is never what I come to these games for. It often tries to hit sappy points with its overly dramatic plot but it mostly falls short. However, for my tastes the SP is fantastic,...

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Immediate Discharge From Service 0

Back in 2010, Medal of Honor released to the public attempting to portray real life military operations in Afghanistan in the Shahakot Mountains. The product failed to live up to expectations pushing the team to go back to the drawing board. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the next installment in the franchise as it’s once again inspired by real world events about global terrorism. Danger Close, the developers behind the game aim to soar high in Warfighter by featuring Tier 1 units from around the...

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