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    The Medic is one of the three support classes in the Team Fortress franchise, focused on healing and buffing his teammates rather than causing damage to the enemy. In Team Fortress 2 he is characterized as a mad scientist.

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    The Medic is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise. In the original Team Fortress, the Medic's role mostly consisted of throwing around an unlimited supply of health packs, and wasn't very interesting. The Team Fortress 2 Medic, though, is much more well-designed for encouraging people to actually play him. Touting a rapid-fire syringe gun, he is capable of filling a support role as a fighter, though he is obviously more suited for healing his allies in combat with his primary "weapon", the Medigun. Medics tend to pair up with hard-hitting characters such as the Heavy or the Pyro to allow the combo to push enemy forces back farther before dying or having to retreat. Though he rarely gets kills in his role as a healer, the Medic still gains points from assists he acquires from healing teammates who in turn kill enemies. He can also gain points simply from doing a lot of healing or activating ubercharges.

    • Health: 150
    • Speed: 107%
    • Role: Support

    In Team Fortress 2, the Medic is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.


    What he lacks in compassion for the sick, respect for human dignity, and any sort of verifiable formal training in medicine, the Medic more than makes up for with a bottomless supply of giant needles and a trembling enthusiasm for plunging them into exposed flesh. Raised in Stuttgart, Germany during an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion, the Medic considers healing a generally unintended side effect of satisfying his own morbid curiosity.

    • Country of origin: Stuttgart, Germany
    • Motto: "Prepare for your examination!"
    • Emblem: Cross

    Note: Despite growing up in WWII Germany, Valve have claimed that the Medic is not, and never was, a Nazi. According to Demoman, Medic also has a wife, but as Demoman is drunk off his ass at all times, his word is dubious.


    Weapon Name (Availability)StatsAdditional InfoImage

    Syringe Gun


    Base damage: 10
    Crit: 30
    Clip Size: 40
    Max Ammo Held: 150

    Syringe Gun
    Syringe Gun



    Base damage : 10
    Crit: 30
    Clip Size: 40
    Max Ammo Held: 150

    (+) Medic regains 3 HP for every syringe that damages an enemy.
    (-) Health Regeneration lowered to 4 HP/ sec-1 HP/sec (from 6 HP/sec-3HP/sec)


    Crusader's Crossbow


    Base damage: 38–75
    Crit: 113–225
    Healing: 75–150 HP
    (Depending on range)
    Clip Size: 1
    Max Ammo Held: 38

    (i) Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled.
    (-) No headshots
    (-) 75% less max ammunition

    Crusader's Crossbow
    Crusader's Crossbow


    Base Damage: 9
    Crit: 27
    Clip Size: 40
    Max Ammo Held: 150
    (+) Increasing Ubercharge increases movement speed for a maximum of +10%
    (-) 10% less damage done
    Appears to be Medic's first Needlegun, canonically. Can be seen in the background in a few shots during Meet The Medic.


    Weapon Name (Availability)StatsAdditional InfoImage



    Ubercharge Fill Time: 40 seconds

    Ubercharge Duration: 8 seconds

    Heal Rate: 24 hp/sec (for targets damaged less than 10 seconds prior to heal)

    72 hp/sec (for targets damaged after 10-15 seconds prior to heal)

    Ubercharge Effect: Gives Medic and their patient 8 seconds of complete invulnerability.

    (i) Can overheal the patient for up to 150% of total health (overheal fades away after 20 seconds)

    (i) Ubercharge fill time is double if target is over 142% hp or above, and/or if more than one medic is healing the same target




    Ubercharge Fill Time: 30 seconds (10 seconds faster then Medigun)
    Ubercharge Duration: 8 seconds
    Heal Rate: 24 hp/sec (for targets damaged less than 10 seconds prior to heal)

    72 hp/sec (for targets damaged after 10-15 seconds prior to heal)

    Ubercharge Effect: Grants healing target 100% Crits for 8 seconds

    (+) Charges 25% faster than Medigun

    (i) Can overheal the patient for up to 150% of total health (overheal fades away after 20 seconds)

    (i) Ubercharge fill time is double if target is over 142% hp or above, and/or if more than one medic is healing the same target



    Ubercharge Fill Time: 32 seconds
    Ubercharge Duration: 8 seconds
    Heal Rate: 33 hp/sec (for targets damaged less than 10 seconds prior to heal)
    100 hp/sec (for targets damaged after 10-15 seconds prior to heal)
    UberCharge Effect: Increases healing by 300% and gives Medic and heal target immunity to stun, knockback and slow.
    (+) Heal rate is 40% faster
    (+) Ubercharge rate is 25% faster
    (+) Medic matching moving speed of healed target if faster
    (-) Can not overheal
    Canonically Medic's first Medigun. The Ubercharge shorted out after the first usage (see: Meet The Medic). A white smear on the front appears to be bird poop.
    The Vaccinator
    Ubercharge Fill Time - 27 seconds
    Ubercharge Duration - 2/4/6/8 seconds (for each Ubercharge bar)
    (+) 50% Ubercharge Rate
    (+) can choose 10% resistance to different types of attacks (bullets, explosive & fire) by cycling through the attacks
    (+) Ubercharge grants 75% resistance to heal target and 25% to the medic
    (-) 66% Overheal Build Rate


    Weapon Name (Availability)StatsAdditional InfoImage



    Base damage: 65
    Critical Hit: 195
    Minicrit: 88
    Swing Time: 0.80 seconds

    When taunting, Medic will hold the Bonesaw like a violin, and a short snippet of music, usually from one of the other pieces in-game, will play.
    The Bonesaw
    The Bonesaw



    Base damage: 65
    Critical Hit: 195
    Minicrit: 88
    Swing Time: 0.96 seconds

    (+) Every successful hit adds 25% to Ubercharge meter

    (-) Swings 20% slower
    When taunting, Medic will thrust the Ubersaw forwards, and if lucky, stab an opponent in the back. This taunt is known as the "Spinal Tap".




    Base damage: 65
    Critical Hit: 195
    Minicrit: 88
    Swing Time: 0.80 seconds

    (+) On death retain 20% of lost ubercharge

    (-) Lowers max health by 10hp (from 150 hp to 140 hp)

    The Vita-Saw
    The Vita-Saw



    Base damage: 65
    Critical Hit: 195
    Minicrit: 88
    Swing Time: 0.80 seconds

    (i) While taunting applies heal affect to all close by allies


    Solemn Vow

    Base Damage: 65
    Critical Hit: 195
    Minicrit: 75-101
    Swing Time: 0.80 seconds
    (i) Allows Medic to see enemy health and names
    Was tested in Beta as the "Beta Bonesaw". It bears the likeness of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who coined the phrase "First, do no harm".

    Meet The Medic

    The ' Meet the Medic' video was released along with the Uber Update on June 23rd, 2011, almost four years after the game actually came out.

    On July 11th, 2011, four rough scenes from axed versions of Meet The Medic were posted on the blog, explaining the origin of the doves and the BLU Spy's severed head. The third of these rough scenes marks the only time Medic has ever been seen wielding a gun.


    • Turn on "Medigun continues healing without holding down fire button." under Options -> Multiplayer -> Advanced. This will allow you to continue healing even when facing another direction, which is useful to check whether or not an enemy is following you while healing one of your teammates.
    • Stay behind cover whilst healing someone. This will hinder your enemies that try to kill you, especially when you're healing a Heavy, who is near invulnerable when they're being healed.
    • On the same note, Heavies are prime targets for being healed, for that exact same reason. Heavies aren't too useful on their own, but with a medic they can wreak havoc in the battlefield.
    • Don't be afraid to switch to your Syringe Gun/Blutsauger when in combat with no one to heal. At the least you'll be no worse off than had you just stuck with youur Medigun, and at best you'll go on rampage and end up with a huge killing streak. The Blutsauger is ideal, as returning some health (even the smallest amount) can turn the tides of battle.
    • On CP maps, start healing someone as soon as you can. This will help build up your Ubercharge meter before the game actually starts, and will allow you to start the round off with a bang. If possible, get a Soldier or Demoman to rocket/sticky jump for you which will build the meter up quicker and also contribute to your "Total Healed" stat for achievements and such.
    • Try and ensure that there aren't already too many medics on your team. A team of all medics is almost useless in a conflict.


    Quotes the medic often uses for taunting his enemies or talking to his teammates.

    • "Zat, vas doctor-assisted homicide!"
    • "Danke, Dummkopfs!"
    • "Woops! Zat was not medicine."
    • "I am the the Übermensch!"
    • "Oktoberfest!"
    • "Would you like a second opinion? You are also ugly!"
    • "Anuhza successful procedure!"
    • "Did zat sting? 'Sorry'!"
    • "And zhat's how I lost my medical license!"
    • "Archimedes! No!"
    • "Zhat...vos ze sound of progress, my friend."
    • Now? [chuckles darkly] Let's go practice medicine."
    • "Ooh, money!"
    • "Everyone! Free money!"
    • "I feel like a million Deutchmarks!"
    • "Hello? Book? Do you still have Demoman's eye? I'll trade you a heart for it!"
    • "Come out, Merasmus, we have much to discuss!"

    Mann vs. Machine

    Quick Fix Medic

    • Heals fast
    • Cannot use Ubercharge

    Uber Medic

    • Ubercharges like a maniac


    • Upgraded Medigun or Kritzkrieg boosts overheal amount and duration
    • Upgraded Medic can increase Ubercharge build rate and lengthen deploy duration
    • Upgraded Medic can share his canteen effects with heal target

    Medic Update

    The Medic update was a huge update for Team Fortress 2 that released 3 new weapon unlocks and 39 new achievements. The Medic update was the first class to be updated and information on it can be viewed here.


    • Despite being a community weapon, Valve had to get special permission from the creators of Bioshock in order to release The Vita-Saw, as it bears a deliberate resemblance to the ADAM collectors Little Sisters use in the game. It seems to be a nod to the Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship he has with Heavy.
    • A few of Heavy's comments toward Medic indicate that he is quite fond of him in particular. He even obtained a Misc. item called the "Pocket Medic", which is a little Medic doll. A "Pocket Medic" is a Medic who sticks close to one target, usually a Heavy.
    • Some of Medic's German is grammatically incorrect (it should be "Dummkopfes" and "Schweinhundes"), but seeing as the voice actors were cast to be slightly hammy/campy on purpose (a nod to 60's TV shows and pulp novels), this is probably intentional.
    • The "Medieval Medic" set (Berliner's Bucket Helm, Crusader's Crossbow, and The Amputator) seems to be a nod to his role as the team's protector, as well as his heritage (the Teutonic Knights were German).
    • His "Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask" has a Frankenstein face on it, a reference to his mad scientist behavior.
    • While the stethoscope seen in some of his concept art is no longer on his character model, it can be seen in his cubby in the respawn room, next to a bloodied, dented tin of adhesive strips.
    • His personality started out grumpy and always annoyed at his team's stupidity, but after "Meet The Medic", shifted dramatically to a bubbly, deranged madman who is a bad liar, has a shaky grasp of medical knowledge, and has a fascination with anything horrifying and grotesque. In the Halloween 2012 event, he doesn't even seem to mind having his head enlarged or shrunken, or even all of his blood removed from his body, he finds it "fascinating". In fact, he muses on whether or not he should abandon science and become a magician like Merasmus is.
    • The Medic lost his medical license long ago in an incident involving stealing a patients' skeleton.
    • The Medic keeps many pet doves. His favorite is named Archimedes (after the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher). Archimedes has a tendency to fly into the body cavities of patients while the Medic is operating on them. According to an item description in the Valve Store, Archimedes used to work as a rental dove for wedding receptions, but wanted more in life. He met Medic when Medic ended up (somehow) driving a catering van through the Prime Minister's wedding, and they've been together ever since.

    Missing Taunt

    When the medic taunts with his medigun, he bows, though before that, the medic had another taunt which was taken off early, a reference to the inhalation of beer fumes during Oktoberfest. The medic would place his face into the medigun's barrel, take a deep breath, than he would look all dizzy, after which he would chuckle, "Oktoberfest!" It was presumably removed because too many people thought it was a reference to a bong.

    UPDATE: As of a recent update, the Medic has officially received this taunt. Taunting with the Kritzkrieg equipped will activate the "missing taunt". It is the same animation as described above. It also heals the medic for 10hp while continuing to heal the patient.


    Below is Below is a list of every hat the Medic can equip in the head slot.

    • Prussian Pickelhaube - A team-colored pickelhaube helmet with a metal spike on the top. It bears a resemblance to WWI Prussian military helmets.
    • Otolaryngologist's Mirror - A leather strap with a reflective disk and a hole in the center.
    • Vintage Tyrolean - A felt cap with a cord around the crown of the hat and a feather.
    • Gentleman's Gatsby
    • Ze Goggles - A community made pair of military-spec night vision goggles.
    • Berliner's Bucket Helm - It is a Teutonic Knight-style knight's helmet with a cross-shaped slit for Medic's eyes.
    • German Bonzila
    • Geisha Boy - A dark brown geisha wig, slightly lighter than Medic's real hair, with a clip, two team-colored flowers, and chopsticks in the back.
    • Medic's Mountain Cap - A community-created cap like those worn by the German military.
    • Grimm Hatte - A community-created Plague Doctor hat meant to be worn with the Blighted Beak.
    • Private Eye
    • Team Captain
    • Doctor's Sack - It's an ice pack.
    • Planeswalker Helm
    • Surgeon's Stahlhelm
    • Einstein
    • Gentleman's Ushanka
    • Crafty Hair
    • Combat Medic's Crusher Cap
    • Wilson Weave
    • Halogen Head Lamp
    • Platinum Pickelhaube
    • Titanium Tyrolean
    • Virus Doctor
    • Weather Master
    • Powdered Practitioner
    • Das Hazmattenhatten
    • Das Uberstermann
    • Das Naggenvatcher
    • Das Maddendoktor
    • Das Gutenkutteharen
    • Baron von Havenaplane

    Miscellaneous items

    Below is a list of every item the Medic can equip in the two misc slots.

    • Physician's Procedure Mask - A community made surgeon's mask with the medic logo on the front.
    • Blighted Beak - A plage doctor's mask.
    • Couvre Corner
    • Surgeon's Stethoscope
    • Dr. Gogglestache
    • Emerald Jarate
    • Dr. Whoa - A reference to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), it was released on the 48th anniversary of Doctor Who.
    • Nine-Pipe Problem
    • Scrap Pack
    • Quadwrangler - Gives Medic's labcoat a higher, cowl-like zippered collar, a turtleneck replaces his buttoned shirt and tie, and gives him wires and a mechanical device coming from his right arm.
    • Surgeon's Side Satchel
    • Archimedes - Medic's pet dove. When equipped, his facial expressions mimic Medic's whenever he talks
    • Medic Mech-bag
    • Medi-Mask
    • Foppish Physician - A late 18th century French military coat that is unbuttoned to reveal a white shirt with a tunic collar. The lapels of his coat are changed to a Mandarin collar and trimmed in gold.
    • Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul
    • Doc's Holiday
    • Der Wintermantel
    • Mutton Mann
    • Byte'd Beak
    • Mecha-Medes
    • Practitioner's Processing Mask
    • Steam Pipe
    • Das Feelinbeterbager
    • Das Metalmeatencasen
    • Das Fantzipantzen
    • Macho Mann

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