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    The island nation where Rico Rodriguez was raised, and the main setting of Just Cause 3.

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    Medici is a fictional country located in the Mediterranean sea. It is featured in the game Just Cause 3.


    Medici is a country located on a cluster of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. To be exact, it is between Spain and Italy - in relatively close proximity to both Barcelona and Monaco.

    The original capital of Medici was the town of Manaea, however Citate Di Ravello was officially given capital city status sometime during Di Ravello's reign. Citate Di Ravello has a similar look to the Monte Carlo district of Monaco.


    In terms of politics, Medici is an autocratic state ruled by General Di Ravello, a totalitarian dictator who exercises complete power over his people. Di Ravello's main course of action is to deplete Medici of valuable resources, such as Bavarium, to create powerful weapons of mass destruction.

    One way that General Di Ravello spreads his message to the people of Medici is through the General's News Network - hosted by a popular celebrity (supposed to be David Tennant) who has been kidnapped and forced to read conflicting news statements regarding the destruction of Medici's military infastructure. On occasion, Di Ravello personally makes announcements via speakers set up around different settlements.


    • The name "Medici" presumably derives from the Medici family, a renowned family of Italian bankers.
    • Medici's main form of currency is the Ricoin.
    • Unlike most European nations, the vehicles of Medici do not have EU license plates.

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