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    MEG: RVO is a top-down combat simulation that combines action, strategy, and multiplayer combat. RVO contractors must make the best use of terrain, allies, and available assets to gain control of strategic locations within the simulated environment.

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    The first version of MEG:RVO was released on Apple's iTunes Store in the fall of 2013. Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries is working on MEG:RVO over the next few years with the goal of making a 'multiplayer gamers game' for the iPad. MEG:RVO will provide a free community build that is updated every two to three weeks with new features and game play elements.

    Early Access

    An early build was up on Apple's iTunes with users able to sign up for the SKI Beta program to have access to the pre-production builds.

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    Full Release

    A full release was made available on the Apple App Store under the name MEG RVO - Battle for the Territories. The game supports up to 32 players online at once, with 6 maps in total. Only 1 game mode exists, wherein teams of up to 16 players each vie for control of a number of Capture points on a map.


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