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    Mega Man 10

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 01, 2010

    When a robotic virus causes robots to either malfunction or go berserk, it's up to Mega Man and Proto Man to help cure it in the second deliberately-retro installment of the Mega Man series.

    cylemoore's Mega Man 10 (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

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    t's Mega Man and after 10 iterations you know what you are going

     Well first off this is a Mega Man game and you have to defeat the 8 master robots before you can move on to the final levels. If you have recently read my blog you will see that Mega Man is my second favorite gaming franchise and with playing Mega Man 10 I still love this franchise. The big part that helped me to continue playing this game has been the trophy support because it has added hours of my gameplay for me. Again the level design and music are amazing, with the music growing on you the more you play the game. It is just a fun game to play especially for every Mega Man fan out there. The addition of easy mode in this game is a great addition for the casual fan out there so they can get the hang of how the game is played. It is recommended for those who had a hard time with Mega Man 9 and its higher difficulty as well. Overall this is a great game and with the addition of DLC should make you continuing to play this after you have beaten it cause I know I will be.    

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      Mega Man is a video game character who truly needs no introduction. With enough games under his belt to give Bobby Kotick wet dreams, you're bound to have a couple duds here and there. A few years ago, Mega Man games seemed to be going out with a whimper after the horrible later games in the X series and the sub-par games on the DS. Fortunately, Mega Man 9 showed up and changed all that with a bold step back to when Mega Man was great. And now here we are, in tr...

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      The tenth installment of the long running, 8-bit Mega Man series was release in early 2010 on WiiWare, PSN and XBOX Live and is a direct follow-up to the extremely difficult Mega Man 9.The story takes place in the 21st century and a robotic virus, dubbed Roboenza, has started infecting robots all over the world. The infection causes robots to shutdown, malfunction and even go berserk. Dr. Wily, the primary antagonist for every other Mega Man game, comes to Dr. Light and the blue bomber seeking a...

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