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A game that will make you relive your childhood all over again.

 First off I would like to start this review off by saying I have beaten all 9 of the original Mega Man games and this game ranks up their with the best of them. In my opinion I have always loved Mega Man 2 and 3 the best since it was before they started to water down the franchise with the later titles but that is for another story. But playing through this game has made me want to be a kid again where there was no worries or anything, but the main reason I wish I was a kid after playing this is because I use to be able to play games like this all the time and I was really good at them. But now at the age of 24 with a wife and child and another on the way I feel like I have lost touch with my gaming skills and this game showed me that my gaming skills have gone south really quick. When I was a kid Mega Man games were hard but not as hard as this game felt to me, the littlest jumps I had to make in this game was hard for me, but I know when I was a kid I was able to do this with my eyes closed. But after I finally beat the game this past weekend, it gave me a little self satisfaction that I could still beat a game that is hard. Most games now days are super easy and cause no frustration on my part, but this game tested my nerves for the first time since Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. For all of you old school gamers out there that have been playing since the NES days should do themselves a favor and buy this game for whatever system you own. The gameplay is amazing and the music is even better, I still have the music stuck in my head. So if you are ready for a challenge or haven't played a Mega Man game since the 2nd or 3rd one this game is a must of for all people, well except for the casual players out there cause this game will kick your butt in every way possible.    

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