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You wont be able to stop playing

This game has to be one of my favorite hand held games. The interaction between the characters is amazing while being similar to Pokemon at the same time it is completely different. It has a basic story line plus many side quests to complete. There is never a boring moment as there is always something to do, even once you have beat the game new jobs and side quests open up as well as a new main quest, a total of 4 I believe. The ability to give commands as well as use hand weapons and moving around the arena gives this game a whole new edge. You have to think ahead where as you are normally fighting up to three enemies at once but there is always a reward in return that varies depending on how fast and the way in which you defeat your enemies which is also how you level up. There is so many ways you can customize your character there is no end to the possibilities. I would recommend this game to any player where as it has a little something for everyone.

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