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    Mega Man Battle Network 6

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 23, 2005

    The final entry in the Battle Network series. Megaman Battle Network 6 rounds off the series with a story full of twists and turns.

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    Mega Man Battle Network 6 is (to date) the last game in the Battle Network series of Action RPGs; it was released in the US and Europe in June 2006. Like most of its predecessors, Battle Network features two versions: Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar. Each version features a unique set of friendly NetNavis and Giga-class BattleChips, and the Cybeast that the version is named after serves as the game's final boss.
    BN6 opts for a scenario structure that resembles Battle Network 1-3, as opposed to the tournaments and multiple playthroughs of BN4 and the Liberation Missions of BN5. It replaces the Double Soul transformation system with the visually identical but functionally different Link Navi system. On top of this, it also introduces Beast Out, and a combination of the above two transformations named Cross Beast. Finally, it implements a new balance system that dictates how many copies of a single chip can be in a Folder based on their MB.


    The game immediately starts with news that Dr. Hikari's job requires Lan to move away from ACDC Town. After Lan says goodbye to his classmates, he arrives in Cyber City. However, Lan and MegaMan never seem to escape trouble, as crisis after crisis occurs. Very quickly, the duo finds themselves facing not only the WWW, but the dangerous Cybeasts.


    Battle Network 6 undoes some of the changes made by Battle Network 4 and 5; however, the gameplay is still largely similar to those two games (which in turn is similar to the previous three games).

    Removed Features

    The Double Soul system is removed in favor of the Link Navi system. Liberation Missions and the entire Darkness System, including DarkChips, are also done away with.

    Link Navi

    The Link Navi system is a modified version of the Double Soul system. "Crosses" are obtained by optional sub-quests; once obtained, they can be used at any time by pressing Up while on the top row of the Custom Screen. These Crosses have no time limit; however, like the previous two games, each Cross has a subelement, and unlike the previous games, there is a weakness system in place (MegaMan will take double damage AND lose the Cross if hit with a weakness).

    Beast Out/Beast Over

    Beast Out enables MegaMan to change is form to resemble one of the Cybeasts (depending on version). This form has a time limit of three turns, afterwards, Beast Out will expire and MegaMan will enter Tired Mode (see Emotion Window). Pressing the Beast Button a second time will enable MegaMan to enter Beast Over. In Beast Over, MegaMan goes beserk and stops responding to player commands for one turn; when this turn is over, MegaMan will enter Very Tired Mode.

    Cross Beast

    A modified Cross that is activated when Beast Out is used while in a Cross or vice versa. The beast's time limit still applies; when it is expired, both the Beast and the Cross will disappear. The Cross Beast mode increases the power of regular crosses while enhancing your elemental strength but at the same time, giving you weaknesses to your element.

    Emotion Window

    The Emotion Window has been modified; Normal and Anger modes are still present, but Desperate and Dark are replaced with "Tired" and "Very Tired." While in Tired Mode, MegaMan can still use Crosses, but pressing the Beast Button again will enable Beast Over. In Very Tired Mode, MegaMan cannot use any Crosses, and will suffer a crippling HP bug that will rapidly drain him of his health.


    The subelement system has been reduced to four. However, there is now a strengths-and-weakness system applied, similar to the four primary elements (Break beats Sword, Target beat Break, Wind beats Target, Sword beats Wind). The NaviChip sequence has been changed to a combination of BN3's and BN4's/BN5's: there is a normal version, an EX version, and an SP version whose damage is based on the time it takes the player to "S-Rank" said Navi.


    A new system determines how many copes of a single chip can be used in a folder: Chips with 0-19 MB can have 5 copies, chips with 20-29 MB can have 4, chips with 30-39 MB can have 3, 40-49 MB can have 2, and 50 and above can only have one. Because of this, the Mega chip class has more or less been reduced to NaviChips. Additionally, the "Tag Chip" system is introduced; this system allows the player to select two chips that will always appear on the Custom Screen at the same time.

    Virus Battler

    A new diversion from the main game, the Virus Battler allows the player to select a team of viruses, place them on the field, and watch them battle against the enemy viruses.

    English Version Content Changes

    Like Battle Network 4 and 5, any functionality that requires additional accessories (such as the Battle Chip Gate) cannot be accessed.
    Aside from the three standard Gun Del Sol chips, all content from the Boktai franchise is removed. This includes a battle with the Count of Groundsoaking Blood and his NaviChips, Django NaviChips, Otenko, Gun Del Sol EX, and the Crossover Program Advance. The NaviChips can actually be obtained through Gold Mystery Data due to an incomplete removal, but will crash the game when used. The Crossover PA, despite requiring Django/V2/V3 chips, still works (though Django's sprite is replaced with a placeholder during the animation) and Gun Del Sol EX, if obtained through a cheat device, works as normal.

    As a tradeoff, the Western versions automatically receive the ten E-Reader missions that were required to encounter ProtoMan's strongest form, ProtoMan FZ.

    Cybeast Gregar vs Cybeast Falzar

    Playable/Link Navi Roster



    SpoutMan.EXE (AquaMan.EXE in other games)

    Enemy Roster

    Bass.EXE / BassBX.EXE (final attack based on version)
    Count of Groundsoaking Blood/Count Hackjack (JP only)

    Gregar-Beast MegaMan.EXE
    Cybeast Gregar

    Falzar-Beast MegaMan.EXE
    Cybeast Falzar

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