Mega Man Legends 3 Project

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    A long-awaited third entry in the Mega Man Legends series, originally announced for the 3DS but later canceled.

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    Mega Man Legends 3 was a 3DS entry in Capcom's Mega Man Legends series that began development in 2010. In a unique twist, the developer began an initiative to invite the gaming community into the development process. Capcom's dev-room community forums and blogs allowed their communities to voice opinions and ideas throughout the development cycle. This involvement extended to both Japanese and North American communities.

    Prototype Version

    As part of the development process, Capcom made plans to release a prototype version of Mega Man Legends 3 as a download through the 3DS eShop. The prototype was initially scheduled to launch with the eShop in June of 2011, but was pulled from the line-up before the eShop went live. Capcom made no indication at the time as to the reasoning behind the decision.


    On July 18, 2011, Capcom announced that Mega Man Legends 3 had been cancelled.


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