I started replaying Maverick Hunter X; this game is excellent

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Man, this game is so awesome. I bought it over a year ago, played it then and remember liking it. Not too long ago I received my pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50s and my PA2V2 portable amp I bought on the Internet. While testing them with my PSP, I booted the game in question and holy christ, I think I had forgotten just how amazing this game is. The remixed soundtrack sounds better and badasser than ever, the new 3D graphics and vibrant colors are pure eye-candy, and the gameplay is as fun as it was when the game originally came out 20 years ago.

It's a goddamn shame Capcom doesn't want to give the same treatment to X2. They claim the game didn't sell enough to warrant a sequel. I believe them, but Christ, the game came out in 2006; what were they expecting? Nobody had PSPs back then, neither here nor in Japan. I don't know how the game fared when they put it on PSN, where I bought it, but Maverick Hunter X2 is probably the game that I would most like to see from them next.

I heard Powered Up! is also pretty game. I played the demo in MHX and find it good indeed. Capcom gave the same reason as to why they didn't follow the game with a sequel. :sigh:

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