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    Mega Man Star Force 2

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 22, 2007

    The second game in the Mega Man Star Force series comes in two flavors: Zerker x Ninja and Zerker x Saurian.

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    Released for the DS, Mega Man Star Force 2 is the sequel to 2007's Mega Man Star Force. The game comes in two different versions: Zerker x Ninja and Zerker x Saurian, each having the same plot with minor differences between them. You take control of a elementary school student named Geo Stelar who has an alien partner made entirely of EM waves named Omega-Xis. The pair can merge to become Mega Man.

    Plot (warning: contains spoilers)

    The game takes place two months after the events of the previous game in Geo's hometown of Echo Ridge. One day, he and his three friends Luna Platz, Bud Bison and Zack Temple decide to go on a trip to Wilshire Hills, a metropolis near Echo Ridge, after being given tickets for a movie being shown there. During the screening of the movie, the cinema is attacked by an unknown individual by the name of Hyde who can "wave change", just like Geo. His wave form is named Dark Phantom. Geo wave changes into Mega Man and defeats Dark Phantom, who flees and hencforth becomes one of the recurring antagonists.

    Later on, he is revealed to be working for a woman named Lady Vega who wants to resurrect to lost civilization of Mu. She also has an ally named Solo who Geo meets later on. Solo can also wave change and his wave form is named Rogue. He is later revealed to be the last survivor of Mu.

    Near the end of the story, Mu is resurrected and Vega threatens doom to all who oppose her. Geo and Omega-Xis go to Mu and confront Vega who has resurrected the God of all EM waves, Le Mu. After defeating Le Mu, Vega admits defeat. She reveals her backstory and her love with a man named Altair, who died after being sent to war. After the incident, she created the first ever matter wave (matter waves are in prominent use through the course of the game) to recreate Altair as essentially a solid holographic image, which is what a matter wave is. The matter wave did not have any of Altair's memories and was basically a hollow shell who then served Vega using the name Hollow. Vega orders Le Mu to use the last of it's strength to send Mu into the ground and destroy Earth. Le Mu explodes and Mega Man and Vega are blown away. Vega is saved by Hollow who later dies. Altair listens to her prayers and tells Vega to 'not seek revenge upon the world and to live a happy life. Mega Man finally destroys Le Mu which causes Mu to tumble into the ocean.

    It is revealed that Solo saved Geo's life after he tumbled into the ocean with Mu but insists that he didn't do it out of charity but instead he says, "Your body got in my way, so I carried it here".


    The game takes place in a dual-world type system where you control either Geo Stelar or Mega Man. As Geo Stelar, all you do is talk to people to advance the story. [There is a lot of this.] If you find a 'wavehole' you can wave change and merge with Omega-Xis and become Mega Man. As Mega Man, you can travel on the same area as Geo but now you can walk onto 'wave roads' as well. Also as Mega Man, you can and will be attacked by viruses as a randomly triggered encounter, much like in the Battle Network series. These randomly triggered encounters will occur hundreds of times throughout the game, typically only seconds apart, although Cloakers can be purchased in order to temporarily lessen the encounter rate just slightly.

    As for the battle themselves, the combat system occurs on a grid that is 3 tiles wide and 5 tiles deep. Mega Man fights on the first row and can move left and right to dodge enemy attacks but cannot go forward. The battle system works on a card system where each card is a different attack or ability. You select cards using a menu on the bottom screen, then you can battle with them in real-time.

    Alternate Future

    The alternate future is an secret additional chapter accessible only after finishing the normal game. Also called the IF dimension, or IF future.

    After beating the game and pulsing out of Mu, an unknown person will mail Mega Man to go to Vega's hideout. Once there, Mega Man discovers a dark spherical object that looks like a globe. The next time Mega Man returns to Echo Ridge and tries to go to the Sky Wave, he will discover a new portal leading to the Alternate Dimension.

    This quest cannot be completed unless you collect all S cards in the game. If you haven't done this, you can still play through the quest and fight 10 bosses including Hollow IF and the General, but a locked door will stop you from proceeding to the final battle. The bosses contained in this quest include:

    • Taurus Fire IF
    • Dark Phantom IF
    • Harp Note IF
    • Cancer Bubble IF
    • [sasquatch]
    • Terra Condor IF
    • [loch ness]
    • Gemini Spark IF
    • Kung Foo Kid IF
    • General (boss encounter exclusive to this quest)
    • Hollow IF

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