Mega Man V

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jul 22, 1994

    Nine robots (calling themselves the Stardroids) who hail from outer space are attacking Earth, and it's up to Mega Man (and his comrades, including his cat Tango) to stop them (with the help of the powerful Mega Arm) in the fifth and last installment of the Game Boy handheld spin-off of the Mega Man series.

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    Mega Man V (known in Japan as Rockman World 5, and not to be confused with Mega Man 5) is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published by Capcom for the Game Boy on September 10, 1994.

    It is the fifth portable entry of the original Mega Man series, the sequel to Mega Man IV, and the last of the five Game Boy spin-off titles. Unlike the rest of the spin-off series, Mega Man V does not recycle bosses and levels from a set of two consecutive titles in the main franchise. Instead, it features a cast of entirely-new villains (the nine Stardroids, robots from outer space), each with their own level. It is also the only game in the series to feature both the Mega Arm (a new upgradable primary weapon for Mega Man in which charging his arm cannon shoots his fist at enemies, only for it to return to him) and Tango (Mega Man's robotic cat who can be summoned to attack enemies on the screen). Mega Man V was one of the first Game Boy games (prior to Game Boy Color) to directly support the Super Game Boy peripheral for the SNES.

    Set in the year 20XX, the game takes place sometime after humanoid robot hero Mega Man defeated Dr. Wily and his fourth group of revived Robot Masters. Mega Man is confronted by a mysterious robot, who calls himself Terra, and is unable to defeat him with his trademark Mega Buster. As he is knocked unconscious, Earth is invaded by groups of powerful robots from space (called "Stardroids"). When he awakens, he finds that Dr. Light has outfitted him with a new weapon that delivers stronger blows to his new adversaries. Mega Man must defeat all nine Stardroids and find out Dr. Wily's involvement in all of this.


    • Mercury (gives Grab Buster)
    • Neptune (gives Salt Water)
    • Mars (gives Photon Missile)
    • Venus (gives Bubble Bombs)
    • Pluto (gives Break Dash)
    • Uranus (gives Deep Digger)
    • Jupiter (gives Electric Shock)
    • Saturn (gives Black Hole)
    • Terra (gives Spark Chaser)
    • Enker
    • Quint
    • Punk
    • Ballade
    • Sunstar

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