Mega Man X2

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Dec 16, 1994

    Despite the defeat of a powerful Maverick leader, Mega Man X (now the leader of the Maverick Hunters) keeps fighting new Mavericks (including the powerful "X-Hunters") while searching for the whereabouts of Zero in the second installment of the Mega Man X series.

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    Maybe... Maybe Jeff Gerstmann was right 7

    Mega Man X2 is a follow up to the mold breaking Mega Man X1. We are again tasked as being X and again sent out to destroy 8 robot masters Mavericks. It is 6 months after the defeat of sigma and X is still working on saving the world. Oh, and Zero is dead.The game has a great mechanical change with X being able to dash by default now as canonically, X will have the dash boots from X1. I found that the dash actually felt better mapped to the R1 button on a PS4 controller than the default location,...

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    This sequel moved in a good direction. 0

    Several months has passed since Mega Man X destroyed former Maverick Hunter turned rogue Sigma. Now X leads the Maverick Hunters as they corner a group of Mavericks in an abandoned factory. While X deals with them, a new group plans in the shadows to deal with him. -summaryIn 1993 Capcom had debut their newest Mega Man title on the SNES, Mega Man X. I doubt it was a surprise to anyone that the game had done very well and rightfully so. It was a fantastic debut that brought some innovative ideas ...

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