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    Mega Man X5

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jan 31, 2001

    When a massive space colony is on a collision course towards Earth, it's up to the Maverick Hunters in an attempt to prevent global destruction in the fifth installment of the Mega Man X series.

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    Mega Man X5 (known in Japan as Rockman X5) is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation on January 31, 2001.

    The fifth main installment of the Mega Man X series (and the sequel to Mega Man X4), Mega Man X5 features a new mission structure where all of the eight main stages are optional (and only contribute towards X and Zero's abilities and how the story progresses). Both protagonists Mega Man X and Zero have new and improved abilities (such as multiple armors for X) and can now be switched out between levels (rather than separate them into different campaigns).

    Set in 21XX, the game takes place several months after the events of Mega Man X4 (where Maverick Hunters Mega Man X and Zero ended Maverick Sigma's plan to manipulate an anti-Maverick Reploid military force to destroy all human life on Earth). A revived Sigma spreads a virus around the world that turns Reploids into berserk Mavericks. To make matters worse, a mysterious mercenary named Dynamo has scattered another virus in remote space colony Eurasia and sends it on a collision course towards Earth. In a race against time, it's up to X and Zero (along with their new leader Signas, their new operator Alia, and skilled mechanic Douglas) to gather parts (guarded by infected Reploids) in order to upgrade the powerful Enigma particle cannon to prevent global destruction.

    The game was later released for the PC in Japan (on May 24, 2002) and North America (on August 20, 2002) and is included in the Mega Man X Collection compilation for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube (released on January 10, 2006).


    As with X4, you begin the game with a choice of who you want to play as. Picking X or Zero to play the opening Eurasia stage can change the ending of the game, so choose wisely. Unlike X4, however, after you finish the opening tutorial stage, you can go into the Maverick stages with either X or Zero, so you aren't making such a difficult choice at the beginning. Each stage has multiple obstacles that are exclusive to that stage, and usually have more than one section to them.


    Parts are obtained from various Reploids that you save as well as from enemies you kill. These parts will enhance X or Zero's performance, and while some are exclusive to either X or Zero, most of them can be shared between the two.

    Rescuing Reploids

    One of the new mechanics to this game is the ability to save injured Reploids that are trapped in each of the 8 Maverick stages. There are many benefits to rescuing them, such as restoring your lost energy, getting extra lives, and even getting some sweet parts.


    Another new addition to this game is the freedom in how you want to play through it. The only stages you are required to play are the opening Eurasia stage, and the four Sigma stages. That's right, you can skip right past the Maverick levels, although the last levels will be significantly harder without any parts, armors, or extra weapons obtained from those levels.


    After each boss is slain you obtain a new move for Zero and X. For X, it is usually some sort of projectile weapon fired from his arm cannon, while Zero's are all new Z Saber attacks and increased jumping ability. Every ability for X and a few for Zero cost energy, which can be found throughout the levels, either dropped by downed enemies or placed in predetermined locations. Most of the upgrade capsules require you to use these ability in creative ways.


    For the first time in the X series, Mega Man X5 has more than one set of armor to find. However, X cannot use just one piece of armor like previous games. He must have all four pieces to be able to use the armor at all. The abilities of each set of armor go as follows:

    • Fourth Armor: The full suit of armor from X4, hence it's name. This will only be available to you if you play through the tutorial stage as X, as if you play through it as Zero, it will be damaged beyond repair and you will only have the ability to play as normal X until you find the Falcon, Gaea, or Ultimate armor for him. It can air dash, hover in the air for a short time, and fire a powerful charged buster shot. It can also charge Maverick weapons.
    • Falcon Armor: The Falcon Armor has the ability to fly in any direction for a short period of time, making it incredibly useful for getting hard-to-reach upgrades. It can also do a convential air-dash, and has a armor-piercing charged shot that covers a much smaller area than the other charged shots available in this game.
    • Gaea Armor: The Gaea Armor gives X the ability to climb and walk on spikes, stick to walls, and gives X a very powerful charged shot that can break through certain walls. The downside to this armor is that it moves and dashes slowly, and has a short range on it's charged shot. It is basically only useful for finding certain upgrades that basically require that you use it.
    • Ultimate Armor: The Ultimate Armor give X a very powerful charged shot similar to the Fourth Armor, the ability to hover in mid-air, an air-dash, and gives X the "Giga Crush" attack, which rockets him forward, damaging enemies and bosses more than their respective weaknesses, thus making the final boss incredibly easy if you have it.


    As with traditional Mega Man X games, Mega Man X5 features eight main stage bosses (Mavericks) that can be defeated to progress the game and gain new abilities. Unlike previous games, however, each Maverick encounter is optional, as players can skip to the endgame due to the success or failure of the Enigma and the Space Shuttle defenses.

    Bosses are split up into two groups: one holding parts necessary to upgrade the Enigma (increasing its chance of success) and one holding parts necessary to upgrade the Space Shuttle (increasing its chance of success, in case the Enigma fails). Players can choose to fire the Enigma (or the Space Shuttle, if the Enigma failed previously) prematurely, increasing the risk for failure.

    In the Normal and Xtreme difficulties, each Maverick has a difficulty level that increases as the game progresses (factoring in the number of hours until collision, the number of previous Mavericks defeated, and the current Hunter's Rank). Higher-level Mavericks are more difficult to defeat, as their health is increased, but grant bonus upgrade parts when defeated.

    In the English translations of the original game, each of the Mavericks were re-named as homages to the members of the rock band Guns N' Roses. These was later changed in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 to bring them more in-line with the original Japanese names.

    Enigma Upgrades

    Crescent Grizzly / Grizzly Slash

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    Based on the grizzly bear, Crescent Grizzly (known as Grizzly Slash in the original International version) is a broker selling illegal weapons and other possessions.

    His weakness is the Spike Ball (from X) and the Twin Dream (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the C-Shot (for X) and C-Sword (for Zero).

    Shining Firefly / Izzy Glow

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    Based on the firefly, Shining Firefly (known as Izzy Glow in the original International version and as Shining Hotarunicus in the Japanese version) is the world's leading Reploid researcher in laser technology.

    His weakness is the Tri-Thunder (from X) and the E-Blade (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the F-Laser (for X) and C-Flasher (for Zero).

    Tidal Whale / Duff McWhalen

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    Based on the whale, Tidal Whale (known as Duff McWhalen in the original International version and as Tidal Makkoeen in the Japanese version) captains a maritime security force at an ocean close to the Hunter Base.

    His weakness is the C-Shot (from X) and the C-Sword (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the G-Shaver (for X) and F-Splasher (for Zero).

    Volt Kraken / Squid Adler

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    Based on the kraken, Volt Kraken (known as Squid Adler in the original International version) was a Maverick Hunter who resigned due to doubts about the job.

    His weakness is the G-Shaver (from X) and the F-Splasher (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the Tri-Thunder (for X) and E-Blade (for Zero).

    Shuttle Upgrades

    Burn Dinorex / Mattrex

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    Based on the Tyrannosaurus, Burn Dinorex (known as Mattrex in the original International version) was a member of Repliforce who secretly stored illegal magma weapons in his volcanic warehouse.

    His weakness is the Wing Spiral (from X) and the W-Shredder (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the Ground Fire (for X) and Quake Blazer (for Zero).

    Dark Necrobat / Dark Dizzy

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    Based on the bat, Dark Necrobat (known as Dark Dizzy in the original International version) was created by Sigma three years before the events of Mega Man X5, going into hiding.

    His weakness is the F-Laser (from X) and the C-Flasher (from Zero). Defeating him grants the Dark Hold (for both X and Zero).

    Spike Rosered / Axle the Red

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    Based on the rose, Spike Rosered (known as Axle the Red in the original International version) is a mysterious Reploid mutation caused by the Sigma Virus and the nature control unit of a jungle.

    His weakness is the Ground Fire (from X) and the Quake Blazer (from Zero). Defeating him grants both the Spike Ball (for X) and Twin Dream (for Zero).

    Spiral Pegasus / The Skiver

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    Based on the Pegasus, Spiral Pegasus (known as The Skiver in the original International version and as Spiral Pegacion in the Japanese version) was a member of Repliforce who later commanded the remains of the Reploid Air Force.

    His weakness is the Dark Hold (from both X and Zero). Defeating him grants both the Wing Spiral (for X) and W-Shredder (for Zero).


    Cover Art
    Cover Art

    In 2005 Capcom released a 5-disc box set called Capcom Music Generation Rockman X1~6. It contains the original music of Mega Man X through Mega Man X6 as well as some unused tracks. Mega Man X5 tracks span the entire fourth disc and includes some unreleased tracks. The track listing is as follows:

    Track #TitleLength
    5.SIGMA 1st2:17
    6.STAGE SELECT 11:22
    7.STAGE START0:10
    13.STAGE CLEAR X0:08
    21.ZERO STAGE 13:18
    22.SHADOW DEVIL0:40
    24.ZERO STAGE 23:27
    25.X vs ZERO2:43
    26.SIGMA 2nd3:14
    29.STAGE SELECT 22:05
    30.ZERO DEAD1:28
    33.UNUSED TRACK "Dr.RIGHT"1:16

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