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    Mega Man X7

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 14, 2003

    The seventh installment brings the long-running Mega Man X series into full 3D, adding cel-shaded graphics, third-person platforming segments, and a new protagonist: Axl, a former vigilante (of a group that's now hunting him down) who can mimic the enemies he encounters.

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    Mega Man X7 (known in Japan as Rockman X7) is a 3D action platformer developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 on October 14, 2003. It was also released for the PC in some parts of Asia sometime in 2003-2004.

    The seventh main installment of the Mega Man X series (and the sequel to Mega Man X6), Mega Man X7 brings the franchise to 3D (featuring cel-shaded graphics and third-person gameplay segments) while adding a new protagonist: Axl, a cocky former member of a vigilante Reploid group who has the ability to use an arsenal of guns (that can gain new powers by defeating bosses), hover in mid-air, and mimic robots that he encounters (copying the special abilities of regular enemies). It is also the first game where players can switch between characters in real time and the first where the series' main protagonist, Mega Man X, cannot be played from the start.

    Set in 21XX, the game takes place sometime after the events of Mega Man X6. When crimes from Mavericks are on the rise, a new group of reckless anti-Maverick vigilantes, called Red Alert, was formed. One of the group's members, Axl, tries to disband from the group (which is now a group of mercenaries) to become a Maverick Hunter, and is hunted down by the group's leader (Red). When he is brought in to the Maverick Hunter HQ by Zero to pay for being responsible for wreckage in a city (while being hunted down by Red Alert robots), Red releases eight of his captured Mavericks and issues a challenge to the Maverick Hunters for the custody of Axl. With Mega Man X retired to a support role, it's up to Axl and Zero to take down the Mavericks and bring Red Alert to justice.


    The soundtrack for Mega Man X7, like other soundtracks in the series, was only released in Japan as Rockman X7 - Original Soundtrack. .


    • 01. Title Call
       Soundtrack cover
      Soundtrack cover
    • 02. Conflict - Escape Stage
    • 03. Awake Road Again - Highway Stage
    • 04. Burning Water - Kombinat Stage
    • 05. Underground - Tunnel Base Stage
    • 06. Mod Electric Wave - Radio Tower Stage
    • 07. Naval Battle - Battleship Stage
    • 08. Ruins'n Vains - Deep Forest Stage
    • 09. Higher The Air - Air Force Stage
    • 10. Cyber Geometry - Cyber Field Stage
    • 11. Bomb Recovery - Central Circuit Stage
    • 12. Just Before Red - Palace Road Stage
    • 13. Infiltration - Crimson Palace Stage 1
    • 14. Soul Asylum - Crimson Palace Stage 2
    • 15. Combination - vs Mega Scorpio
    • 16. Decisive Battle - vs Boss
    • 17. Relation - vs Red
    • 18. Our Blood Boils - vs Sigma 1st
    • 19. Conclusion - vs Sigma Final
    • 20. Stage Select 1
    • 21. Stage Start
    • 22. Stage Clear
    • 23. Result
    • 24. Option
    • 25. Stage Select 2
    • 26. Provocation
    • 27. Theme Of Signas
    • 28. Beginning - Theme Of Red
    • 29. Revealing
    • 30. Suffering
    • 31. Black Plotting
    • 32. Fate - Theme Of Sigma
    • 33. Theme Of Alia
    • 34. Theme Of X
    • 35. Tragedy
    • 36. Thorny Path
    • 37. Night Mare - Ending Of Zero
    • 38. A Naughty Boy - Theme Of Axel
    • 39. Opening
    • 40. Ending
    • 41. Lazy Mind
    • 42. X SE
    • 43. Axel SE
    • 44. Zero SE
    • 45. Sigma SE
    • 46. No Holdin' Back - Demo Of Megaman X7 (Bonus Track)

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