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    Megaman.EXE is one of the main characters in the Mega Man Battle Network Series. Unlike other adaptations of mega man, this one exists only as a program on a large computer network.

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    MegaMan.EXE was created by Dr. Yuichiro Hikari, father of Lan Hikari, Megaman's Operator.

    It is also revealed that Megaman is also the samsara form of Hub Hikari, Lan's twin brother, and shares a soul bond with him.

    Megaman and Lan have fought and defeated the different evils in the Battle Network world, such as Gospel, Lord Wily, and Dr. Regal.

    MegaMan along with Lan were the only playable characters on the first 4 Battle Network games. Afterwards, other Navis were playable, albeit in limited forms.

    Fighting abilities

    MegaMan gained certain fighting advantages whether offensive or defensive throughout his games. these include;

    Mega Buster

    This staple weapon is the most versatile of all MegaMan's weapons, as it changes with MegaMan to produce a wide variety of attacks generated from chips, styles, fusions and crosses, and is present in every Battle Network game.

    Battle Chips

    Throughout all the Megaman Battle Network games, Megaman can obtain Battle Chips, which are usually short-lasting attacks that Megaman can use other than his Mega Buster. The effects of the chip vary from a simple fire cannon blast to summoning another Navi to help him.

    Lan uses a Chip Folder to hold a total of 30 Battle Chips for Megaman. In Battle Network 1, the chips are inexhaustible, but in Battle Network 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Megaman cannot use a a chip only once in a battle. Lan could put multiples of the same chip in the folder for Megaman, but there are limitations to just how many.

    There are different kinds of chips


    Armours were introduced in the first game of the series, and allowed Megaman to sustain a reduced amount of damage from a hit.

    Power Up

    The Power Up feature was introduced in the first game of the series as a mechanism by which Mega man could improve the power of his mega buster, via programs that allowed him to permanently increase the power, charge time or rapid fire of his mega buster. This could be influenced by the present style used by MegaMan at the time.

    Style Change

    MegaMan in HeatGuts Style.
    MegaMan in HeatGuts Style.

    Style changes were introduced in Battle Network 2 and 3, and were tied to the elements, allowing MegaMan to, after a certain number of battles "evolve" into a different form, based on the way he battled over the set period of time.

    There was Guts Style, which gave Megaman SuperAmour abilities and a rapid-fire buster; Custom Style, which allowed Megaman access to extraneous chips; Shield Style, which allowed Megaman a shield counter attack; Bug Style, which infected Megaman with errors and bugs; Team Style, which allowed Megaman access to more Mega Chips; and Ground Style, which made Megaman's buster able to pierce and break objects and panels.

    In Battle Network 2, he is able to use 2 styles in reserve, but that is reduced to only one in the Battle Network 3. In Battle Network 3, Megaman can develop programs from furthering his experience with a certain style.

    Navi Customizer

    In Megaman Battle Network 3, Dr. Yuichiro Hikari developed the Navi Customizer, which is a function that allows Lan to customize Megaman's abilities with different programs. Navi Customizer programs could be found around the Net and in stores, and Megaman could develop programs by furthering his Style Change experience. Lan could then equip the program into Megaman. Of course, there are limitations and drawbacks to the Navi Customizer. Megaman has a certain amount of space in which Lan could insert the programs. Megaman could obtain ExpMemory, which expandes that amount of space. Also, if Lan didn't program Megaman correctly, Megaman will experience bugs and errors during battle.

    Soul Unision

    Introduced in Battle Network 4, this was the substitute for Mega Man's style change after being resurrected at the end of the previous game. This feature was similar to the "Weapon Get" feature from the Classic Mega Man Series. After allying with certain navis, he is able to receive their powers for a short period of time. (3 turns, however, this could be increased with the Navi Customizer.) This was continued and further expanded on in Battle Network 5.

    ProtoSoul, an example of a Soul Unision.
    ProtoSoul, an example of a Soul Unision.

    An offshoot of the Soul Unision is the Chaos soul. This is only available in Battle Network 5, where MegaMan is able to fuse with DarkChips without being corrupted, once the element corresponded with one of MegaMan's allies which he had resonated with. The chaos unision lasts one turn, where the charged buster is replaced with the Darkchip sacrificed. the catch is that the buster, when charged will switch between green and purple. Purple releases the Darkchip attack and green releases DarkMegaMan onto the other side of the field to attack you, adding an element of risk to darksoul fusions.

    Soul & Beast Cross

    Introduced in battle Network 5 as a secret feature, and the main weapon form in final game of the series, Mega Man can combine with navis in a different method, without the turn limit of the Soul Unison, but itself was modified to behave differently, phasing out if hit by its elemental weakness.

    Beast Cross is a feature allowing MegaMan to combine with the Cybeast Gregar/Falzar to gain a fusion ability similar to a Style Change. the cybeast form can also be combined with the soul cross to form a CrossBeast, which changes its element and attacks.

    Outside of the Mega Man Universe

    MegaMan appears as part of the final smash of Classic Mega Man in Super Smash Bros.


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