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    Megaton is a small town in the Capital Wasteland. Notable landmarks include an undetonated nuclear bomb, worshipped by a cult known as the Children of Atom.

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    Megaton is a village located very near the hidden entrance to Vault 101, and as such is the first town the player encounters (unless they decide to go elsewhere). The town's origins lie in the war that destroyed the world 200 years prior to the beginning of the game; one of the bombers that was targeting Washington, D.C. was shot down and crashed, creating a massive crater. Originally, the crater was simply used as cover by travellers looking to escape wind storms, but eventually, the plane was dismantled, its parts used to create a wall. Scrapping all the planes located at a nearby airfield gave the early settlers enough metal to create a livable, if not particularly pretty, town. Megaton's center is dominated by the bomb the airplane that created the crater in the first place was carrying, still active after all these years. The town founders were unable to move it because they required the help of the Children of Atom, a cult that worships nuclear explosions, to create the town in the first place, and they would not have helped if the bomb had been removed. The most important quest the player will encounter in Megaton is "The Power of the Atom", in which they either deactivate the bomb once and for all for town mayor/sheriff Lucas Simms, or arm the weapon and destroy Megaton for the mysterious Mister Burke, who has ties to Tenpenny Tower.



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