Megpoid the Music

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    A Vocaloid-themed rhythm game for PlayStation Portable featuring GUMI.

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    Megpoid the Music is a rhythm game developed by ParaPhray for the Playstation Portable. The game focuses on Internet Co., Ltd.'s Vocaloid, GUMI, and features 30 tracks from GUMI's solo catalog from various artists in the Vocaloid community.

    The game was released only in Japan on March 28th 2013 for the PSP.


    Like most rhythm games, Megpoid the Music has the user tapping buttons in time as prompts pass a certain point on the screen. All eight of the PSP's face buttons are used (D-pad + 4 buttons). Unlike its big sister Project Diva, button positions remain static at the left side of the screen and button prompts scroll in from the right. Based on your timing of the button press, more points are awarded. Button prompts appear as taps and holds, both with single and multiple buttons. Players must pass each song before the next is unlocked.

    There are 4 difficulty settings available in the game. Which one is selected will determine the number of buttons used:

    • Easy - Only Circle and Right are used.
    • Normal - Only Triangle, Circle, Up, and Right are used.
    • Challenge - Only Triangle, Circle, Square, Up, Right, and Left are used.
    • Expert (unlocked after passing each song) - All of the face buttons are used.

    Song List

    Megpoid the Music features some of the more popular songs from GUMI's solo catalog. No songs included in the game feature any of her crossovers with other Vocaloid characters.

    NOTE: All song appear in an edited format, cutting each of the songs down to about a minute and a half run time. While most of the edits have been handed tastefully, some of them are jarring

    Song NameEnglish NameProducerPV Link
    雨が降ってIt is rainingrerulili
    恋はきっと急上昇☆Love is Surely Soaring☆Noboru↑
    ずっとこのままZutto Kono Mamarerulili
    blue birdblue birdTokuP
    キリトリセンCuttoff line40mP
    十面相10 FacedYM
    モザイクロールMosaic rollDECO*27
    人生リセットボタンLife Reset Buttonkemu


    Electric StarHachioujiP
    次咲く花の色はTsugi Saku Hana no Iro waTakanon
    大空色のHi-To-MiThe Sky Color Pupil Hi-To-MiArukaP
    祭囃子Festival MusicbuzzG
    キッチンでカッパがタニシ茹でてるKappas are Boiling Slugs in my KitchenIeno Urade Manbouga Shinderu-P
    ラッパ吹きの少年The Trumpet-Playing BoyPIROPARU
    raid of glassraid of glassmaya
    ディストピア・ジパングDystopia ZipangucosMo@Bousou-P
    スリープ・スカイ・ウォークSleep Sky WalkYuuyu
    会いたいI want to meet youDios/SignalP
    Happy x ShinyHappy x ShinyBinio


    Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Nightsamfree

    ダルビッシュP × Silent Symphonia

    天ノ弱A Born Coward164
    ?????のカヴァリエール Maiden Knight

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