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Meitantei Conan: Saikou no Aibou is the third game in the PS1 to feature the "detective adventure" style. The player is once more put in the shoes of the young detective Conan Edogawa to solve the murders.

There are 3 cases given to the player to solve, in which the last one is unlocked after finishing the first two cases.

The game is played in first and third person perspective more akin to the previous game Detective Conan.


Gameplay is about gathering as much information and clues by talking to characters and collecting evidences required to solve the cases.

Examining a dead body
Examining a dead body

The style of point and click is retained from the previous games Detective Conan and Meitantei Conan: 3 Nin no Meisuiri that help to examine every inche of the scene to spot any clue or evidence.

In addition to the detective gameplay, there are puzzles and mini-games also crucial to the progression of the game.

The game mechanics are story-driven, in which finishing a scene or solving a puzzle triggers the next event in the game.

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