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    Melbu Frahma

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    Melbu Frahma was the dictator of the magical race the Winglies, thousands of years ago. He returns to the current time to destroy the world.

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    Melbu Frahma was the leader of the Winglies, a race of humanoids with wings, at a time when Winglies dominated the world 11,000 years prior to the events of The Legend of Dragoon. He was the dictator who was responsible for the enslavement of humans. With the power of his staff, which harbored the Virage Embryo's soul and power, he was nearly unstoppable.
    He reigned until the Dragon Campaign began, when the humans, led by 7 dragoons, rose up to fight for their freedom. In a battle with Zieg Feld, the lead dragoon, his staff was destroyed (releasing the Virage Embryo's spirit) and he was stabbed, presumably killing him. He cast one final spell on Zieg, petrifying him.
    11,000 years later, Zieg's petrification wore off and he started a new life. However, when his family was threatened by a beast called the Black Monster, he transformed back into a dragoon. Shockingly, Melbu's spirit was hidden away in the dragoon stone, and he was freed, taking over Zieg's body as his own. He remained under the radar for nearly 20 years, concocting a plan to gain world domination once more. With the help of Lloyd, and under the alias of Emperor Diaz, he obtained the Divine Moon objects, and captured the Moon Child. Upon destroying the signets that held the Moon in the sky, he took the Moon Child there. Then he released himself from Zieg, and entered the body of the new God of Destruction, the Virage Embryo. With the intent of world control and ultimate power, it's up to Dart and the team to stop Melbu's horrible plot.
    The Melbu Frahma battle is divided into 4 different parts, each one a different number evolution. There are 7 "evolutions", though you only encounter 4.

    Melbu Frahma and Tentacle x4

    HP: 9,000 (Melbu Frahma); 2,000 (Tentacle)
    The first thing to do is quickly eliminate the Tentacles, a Psyche Bomb X will do nicely. He has 2 attacks, one being a single-target attack item, the other a three-Virage attack, both maxing out at 1,000 damage each. Best just to hack away with powerful additions and Dragoon magic and attacks. Be careful to complete additions, otherwise an incomplete one will cause him to counter the character with a weak hit.
    It should be noted that the health indicator for Melbu Frahma is for the cumulative HP of each section of the battle against him, and not for each form.

    Melbu Frahma

    HP: 10,000
    In this round, Frahma is slightly more defensive, and has several new attacks: a laser strike, an attack reminiscent of Divine DS Cannon, and a character stealing ability (which removes the character temporarily from the battle, then spits them out for damage).  After enough damage, or enough time, the next form comes.

    Melbu Frahma and Bomb Star

    HP: 10,000 (Melbu Frahma); 3,000 (Bomb Star)
    The Bomb Stars should be ignored in this battle, as they end up kamikaze attacking your party. Instead, focus on Melbu Frahma. He has more attacks in this form than the previous two: a physical hit, a heat mist, a Bomb Star launcher, a fire-based moon attack, and a planetary technical attack similar to one from the first form. In this form, Melbu changes the background to day or night, where night is when he uses his stronger attacks. Like before, either enough damage or time passes before his last form comes out.

    Melbu Frahma (7th Generation)

    HP: 12,000
    This form is dangerous for Dragoons, as he can uses spells akin to the Dragon Block Staff. Beyond this attack, there is an angel summoning attack, strong attack items, and a tornado attack. Feel free to use up any of the strong items you may have been saving up, as this is the final bout of the game, and those items are useless after this. Just use strong additions, and (if done carefully and right) Dragoon magic and additions, so long as the Dragon Block Staff effect isn't around. After about 12,000 damage, he falls, and victory is, at long last, yours.

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