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    Mêlée Island

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    A pirate island in the world of Monkey Island, governed by Elaine Marley.

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    Welcome to beautiful Mêlée Island. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, and that's just the way our residents like it. Watched over by the ever lovely Governor Elaine Marley, the pirate lifestyle is in full force here. So come and have a pint of grog in the world famous SCUMM Bar or take gather the family up to see the Flying Fettuccine Brothers Circus. You can even meet with the pirate leaders and take on THE THREE TRIALS to earn the right to call you self a grog swilling, boat pillaging, foul mouthed pirate yourself. So grab the kids, make sure to pack your best insults and come on down to Mêlée Island.

    *This message paid for by the Mêlée Island board of tourism.


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