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Melmac is located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster. It has a green sky, blue grass, and purple sun much like Namek from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Melmac uses "Wernick" as it's currency. One "Wernick" is equal to 10 US dollars. Lint is very rare on Melmac and is as valuble as gold is on Earth. Gold and platinum is very abundant on Melmac and is used instead of porcelain to make their toilets and sinks.  
There are a few explanations given from ALF about the destruction of Melmac. ALF once described the planet's demise as having exploded in a freak boating accident one night while he was out in his Orbit Guard patrol ship, nuclear war, and because everyone on the planet plugged in their hair-dryers at the same time.

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