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    Melty Blood: Type Lumina

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 30, 2021

    A high-definition revival of the Melty Blood fighting game series and a tie-in with an updated remake of the original visual novel Tsukihime.

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    Melty Blood: Type Lumina is a contemporary-fantasy fighting game developed by French-Bread (along with Type-Moon, Tamsoft, and GameLoop) and published digitally by DELiGHTWORKS for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 30, 2021.

    The fifth installment of the Melty Blood series (after the 2011 game Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code), Type Lumina features a revamped graphical engine (similar to French-Bread's other mainline fighting game Under Night In-Birth) with high-definition hand-drawn character graphics, 3D backgrounds, and widescreen resolution. It also features new gameplay mechanics (such as enhanced special moves known as "Moon Skills") and rollback netcode. It is the first in the series to receive a worldwide release at launch.

    Unlike previous games in the series, Type Lumina is set prior to the events of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- (an updated remake of Type-Moon's visual novel Tsukihime) as a "What If?" scenario. Thus, numerous characters from previous games in the series (such as major protagonist Sion), do not make an appearance. However, the game features multiple guest characters from Type-Moon's Fate series.


    The game has 12 playable characters on release, 14 if counting Hisui and Kohaku as separate characters. Additional characters were later added via updates.

    New Additions

    • Noel - An executor of the Holy Church and a subordinate of fellow executor Ciel, posing as a teacher at Shiki's school. She later received an alternate version as a separate character, known as Dead Apostle Noel, on January 13, 2022.
    • Vlov Arkhangel - One of the Dead Apostle Ancestors, an honorable knight who inherited the position after killing Zaria and took her "Idea Blood" of Freezing. He can create blades of ice and deprive people and objects of their heat.
    • Saber - A guest character from Type-Moon's Fate series. She is secretly Artoria Pendragon, the famous King Arthur, and wields an invisible Excalibur in combat.
    • Mario Gallo Bestino - One of the Holy Church's most trusted agents who oversees the Church's efforts throughout Japan. Wields magical gauntlets that allow him to control others' movements, and fights with multiple Executor nuns. Released on April 14, 2022.
    • Mash Kyrielight - Guest character from Fate/Grand Order. A demi-Servant within the unique Shielder class who works at Chaldea to protect her senpai, Ritsuka, after a tragic event forces them to restore the world's timeline back to normal. Released on August 19, 2022.
    • Ushiwakamaru - Guest character from Fate/Grand Order. A Rider-class Servant based off the legendary samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune who fights with a katana. Upcoming.
    • The Count of Monte Cristo - Guest character from Fate/Grand Order. The Avenger-class Servant based off the protagonist Edmund Dantes who considers himself a "Demon of Eternal Vengeance.” Upcoming.

    Returning Characters

    • Shiki Tohno - The main protagonist of the Tsukihime series and a high-school student who was born with eyes that allow him to see "lines vulnerable to death" on a person's body, letting him kill almost anyone with a simple knife as long as he cuts along those lines.
    • Arcueid Brunestud - A genuine vampire and a "True Ancestor" who has lived for over 800 years through constant hibernation, only to arrive in Souya to hunt down a particular adversary. She also has an alternate version as a separate character, known as Red Arcueid, where she has given in to her vampiric impulses.
    • Akiha Tohno - The head of the noble Tohno family and Shiki's younger sister who feels very protective of him.
    • Ciel - An executor of the Holy Church's "Burial Agency", posing as an upperclassman of Shiki at his school in order to search for a particular vampire. Her main weapons are a variety of blades (known as the Black Keys). She later received an alternate version as a separate character, known as Powered Ciel, on April 14, 2022.
    • Hisui & Kohaku - The twin maids of the Tohno estate, with Hisui as the quiet introvert and Kohaku as the cheerful extrovert. As comical relief characters, both fight with a variety of cleaning objects. While they can be played as separate characters, they can also fight as a unique "tag-team" character in which players can switch between Hisui and Kohaku, using a dedicated special command, and have unique team attacks.
    • Kouma Kishima - A reclusive hermit and the head of the Kishima clan (a branch of the Tohno family), whose seeking of spiritual enlightenment is only matched by the strength of his mixed bloodline (which is more demon than human).
    • Miyako Arima - The eldest daughter of the Arima family, whom Shiki has lived with for years. She is very proficient at the martial art of bajiquan despite her young age.
    • Michael Roa Valdamjong - A legendary Dead Apostle vampire and former priest of the Holy Church who is able to use the power of Akasha to reincarnate multiple times throughout history.
    • Aoko Aozaki - One of the few remaining sorceresses in the world, Aoko is an older friend of Shiki who helps him control his powers (while having various magical abilities of her own). Released on January 13, 2022.
    • Neco-Arc - A joke character and semi-official mascot of the Type Moon franchise. Her name is a play on neko (Japanese for "cat") and Arcueid, as she is a "Neco Spirit" from the Cat Kingdom in the form of a tiny, deformed Arcueid. Released on August 19, 2022.

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