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Men in Black: Alien Crisis is a third-person shooter developed by Fun Labs. It's based on the Men in Black franchise in general, as opposed to being a game adaptation of Men in Black III. The game has players controlling Peter Delacoeur, a thief-turned-MIB-agent who must defend the world against harmful aliens. The game also has a co-op mode for up to two players and a "pass the controller" mode for up to four players.

The game is compatible with the Top Shot Elite peripheral on Xbox 360, while on PS3, the game is compatible with the Playstation Move Sharpshooter. The game is not available on the Nintendo Wii; a different MIB game, Men in Black: The Book of Thoth, will be released for that platform instead.


Aliens are invading!
Aliens are invading!

Men in Black: Alien Crisis is a third-person shooter with cover mechanics. Players can take cover behind various objects and can pop their head out to accurately take out a foe or blind fire. Chaining kills will fill out the combo meter which in turn will build up points. Players are encouraged to beat their high score on each level by taking out multiple enemies at a time or quickly dispatching enemies with one clip.

The game also lets players look for illegal aliens by scanning the environment with special glasses. Once an alien found, the player can engage an alien in different ways (speech, direct agression...). The game also has players wiping witnesses' memories.


The game has most of the weapons from the previous two movies:

  • The Cricket
  • The Plasma Handgun
  • The Tri-Barrel Plasma Rifle
  • The Deatomizer

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