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    Men of War: Assault Squad

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 25, 2011

    A stand-alone expansion for Men of War, which places heavier emphasis upon co-operative skirmishes and introduces the Imperial Japanese.

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    Men of War: Assault Squad is a stand-alone expansion for the original Men of War title. Remaining in the World War II era environment, the game allows you to take on the role of a soldier from five groups in the conflict. These groups are as follows:

    Nazi GermanyWehrmacht
    United States of AmericaUS Army
    Soviet RussiaRed Army
    Imperial JapanImperial Japanese Navy

    Assault Squads allow players to take direct control over troops. This allows a player to control individual soldiers and vehicles in order to combat their enemies.

    Gameplay Modes

    All gameplay modes feature two factions.


    An attacking force must penetrate increasingly fortified lines of defense and capture all the control points on the map to win. This is the only gameplay mode that can be played solo, but can be played with up with 8 players cooperatively. The defense is always controlled by AI.

    Assault Zones

    Each side fights to control the majority of an odd number of capture points. On a 1v1 map there are three points, 2v2 features five points, etc. If one side controls more points than the other, their point counter will increase. The first side to reach the target number of points wins.


    Earn points by destroying enemy units. Each unit gives a number of points relative to its cost. First side to the target number of points wins.


    Similar to Skirmish except both sides are controlled by users and there is a time limit. Offense gets more resources to spend on timed intervals while the defense has a limited amount of resources. In this mode, each side gets a turn at offense and defense.

    Day of Victory

    Introduced in the MP Supply Pack Bravo DLC this mode is similar to Assault Zones except there is only one flag to fight over.


    Assault Squad makes several changes to the original title, with altered and improved multiplayer balancing. The artillery system present in the game has also been reworked, allowing players to use it in both offensive and defensive strikes at their enemies. Unsurprisingly, new multiplayer maps are also included in the game. Infantry has been reworked in its usage, and rather than buying groups a player can purchase individual troops. Tank ammunition has also been changed, and weapons have been altered to better reflect their real-world counterparts.


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