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    Menacer 6-Game Cartridge

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released October 1992

    This collection of six basic minigames was included along with Sega's Menacer light gun accessory.

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    Menacer 6-Game Cartridge is a mini-game compilation that was a pack-in product for the Sega Menacer light-gun peripheral, and is as much Sega's answer to Nintendo's Super Scope 6 pack-in as the Menacer was to the Super Scope. It features six mini-games in total, as the name suggests, with a few variables the player can set beforehand (such as limited auto-aim).

    These mini-games include:

    • Pest Control: a top-down shooter where the player has to protect a delicious floor pizza from hungry cockroaches. The player's reticle also acts as a light source, rendering the rest of the field dark and the bug movements unknown until they enter the crosshairs. The goal is to exterminate all the bugs before the pizza is completely devoured.
    • Space Station Defender: alien pods teleport into the field shortly before opening to reveal gunmen within, and the player must remember the order they appeared and shoot them all after they open but before they can hit the player.
    • Ready, Aim, Tomatoes!: featuring Earl from ToeJam & Earl, the player's goal is to hit humans and other Earth creatures with tomatoes as the screen scrolls along. A score milestone is required to pass the stage, which the player earns from defeating enemies and maintaining a high accuracy percentage.
    • Whack Ball: as an air hockey paddle, the player must maneuver a puck around to hit all the bricks on the screen in a manner similar to Breakout. Later stages have gaps in the outer wall that the puck can escape through, which costs the player a life.
    • Front Line: the player must take out as many military vehicles as possible as they cross the screen. While vehicles will be destroyed by sustained machine gun fire, the player can also use missiles to instantly eliminate a vehicle though they have a limited number of the latter.
    • Rockman's Zone: this mini-game has the player walking through the level taking down enemies as soon as they appear. The game also has non-hostile pop-ups that the player must not shoot.

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