Would crafting not pausing gameplay fall into this concept?

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#1  Edited By LaPetiteJort

Games like The Last of Us and A Plague Tale have weapons and ammunition crafting that must sometimes be done in action, and the game doesn't pause during it. Does that fit here, or is it unique enough to have its own page?

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#2  Edited By PeezMachine

For instant crafting that is done from an inventory-like menu that can be opened anywhere, I would say.... it probably fits here? If the crafting is something that seems to purposefully take some in-game time (The Long Dark) or requires a specific in-game interaction with a station or NPC (Satisfactory) then I would lean towards no. I feel like part of the identity of this concept is "you would expect these menus to pause, but..." which to me implies menus that are brought up via something akin to a "start button," not something in-world.

Edit: Hmm the more I think about the "in-game time" part of it the more I think it probably would still qualify? I mentioned The Long Dark, but that's a doubly weird case that probably isn't a good exemplar because it goes like this:

1) Open inventory, which DOES pause (I think, I need to boot it up to confirm).

2) Craft something from the menu, which temporarily closes the menu and crafts the item over the course of a few seconds.

3) Crafting finishes, you are returned to the menu.

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