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    Mercedes Colomar

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    Mercedes "Meche" Colomar is the leading lady of Grim Fandango. She is assisted by Manny Calavera in getting to the Ninth Underworld.

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    Character Info *SPOILERS*

    Mercedes "Meche" Colomar is soul in the land of the dead in Grim Fandango.  In the land of the living, she was a veritable saint: she gave her time to the needy and less fortunate.  She ended up dying of a bad case of chicken pox.  Meche was assigned to Domino Hurley, but Manny Calavera found out about her first and took her as his own client.  Because of the corruption in the Department of Death, Manny was unable to secure her the Number Nine tickets she deserved, so she was forced to make the dangerous journey to Rubacava on foot.

    Meche arrived in Rubacava one year later only to be kidnapped by Domino and taken aboard the SS Lambada.  She ended up a prisoner of Domino Hurley at his base of operations at the Edge of the World.  A year later, she escapes with Manny and Glottis and continues her journey to the Ninth Underworld Temple.  Another year passes before they arrive.  Meche accompanies Manny back to Nuevo Marrow to help in the plans of the Lost Souls Alliance to take down Hector LeMans.  Finally, Meche receives her Number Nine ticket and passes into the Ninth Underworld with Manny.


    Mercedes Colomar was voiced by Maria Canals.

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