Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

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    The sequel to the critically acclaimed Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. Now set in war-torn Venezuela, the player again takes on contracts for various warring factions on a quest for payback.

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    Repetitive, broken, bug-riddled and bad. 2

    For developer Pandemic and publisher EA, releasing Mercenaries 2 at the front-end of the holiday rush seemed like a wise decision on their part. The first game, released in 2005, was well received by critics and gamers alike for its over-the-top but solid gameplay, impressive storyline and diverse and eccentric cast of characters. For the second game, the guys at Pandemic promised a bigger and better playground of destruction, with more explosions and, of course, more fun. They did deliver on th...

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    Mercenaries 2: A World in Flames can be enjoyable in spades, but its overbearing bugs and repetitive gameplay wear old 0

    Mercenaries 2: A World in Flames is a sequel to the much beloved Mercenaries: Path of Destruction, back when open world games were still being called "GTA clones". Path of Destruction was great for the sheer havoc that could be wrought and the various interesting factions to interact with. It has a whole slew of vehicles that explode, buildings that explode, people that explode, weapons to explode them with, and airstrikes to really explode them with.Mercenaries 2, unfortunately, fails to top t...

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    You see that over there...blow it up! 0

    Mercenaries 2 is a game that went through a large development cycle;but mainly due the former Publisher(Lucas Arts)dropping it half way through development, then it being picked up by Electronics Arts.You guy's aren't reading this to hear the history of this game are you?Your reading to see if this game kick's as much ass as the first did.The simple answer is yea, it kicks ass, but it has more flaws and less appealing combat then the last.The game has so many flaws and bugs, like when you die yo...

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    This Game's got Issues 1

    Where's my "Deck of 52"!?Mercenaries 2 is simply about blowing shit up, end of story. For anyone who's played the first game, should come expecting the same type of game, just on steroids. The playground of destruction your dropped in is almost completely destructible, and it's your job to finish your mission in anyway you see fit. From air strikes, to  tactical nuclear weapons, to just kicking down the door and kicking ass with an M16, World in Frames is a fantastic set piece for one of the gre...

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    In the flurry of upcoming games Mercs 2 is rushed and unpolished. 0

    ProsExplosions are somewhat entertaining, probably the best aspect of the game. Game does not take itself too seriously. Co-op is very fun, at least for a few hours. ConsSaid co-op is brought down by the inability to be more than a couple hundred meters from your friend. Filled with glitches, bugs, and overall a sense of no polish and a consequent "rushed" feeling. The 3 characters are ugly, boring, and uninteresting. Story is forgettable. Not a very long game (especially if you avoid the facti...

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    Mercenaries 2 World in bugs 0

     First part of Mercenaries was one of best titles served us on original xbox. Game with idea GTA goes to war was brilliant. Now couple years later we got the same game with different setting. Venezuela instead of Korea is biggest difference. Root of the game is the same. We work for different fractions to earn money for big boom weapons. This time its revenge on president and his people who betrayed us and shoot in the bottom. Gaming experience is nice but lacks some deepth. We have here f...

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    Same old Mercs, shiny new bombs. 0

    I loved the first game... that was easy now lets move on to the new game.I like the new game, but the love is less there.  It like the old game allows you to run around cause shit and mess up the world around you.  Blow stuff up, steal military rides and shoot tons of people with the help of your 'Irish  guy' who drops in new kit and the 'Russian drunk' who drops in tons of firepower.  The story is simpler, the characters are not as funny but still the same to a degree.  The new characters are f...

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    Fun But Broken 0

    I really enjoyed the original one, it was a great xbox game. I liked this equal to, it would have made a great xbox game. And there lies this games biggest short coming, it's kind of ugly and buggy as all get out. The graphics are not that far from it's previous version, just streached a bit to be widescreen and some "next-gen" effects added. The environments are needlessly sparce (you'd think with the overhead they are saving from weaker graphics they could have added more into the game). What ...

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    Not Without its Flaws, but Fun in Context 0

    Mercenaries 2 is a somewhat-anticipated sequel to the original game that appeared on last-gen consoles four years ago. Like its predecessor it bills itself as an "open world" game, and obviously it'll be compared against the mother of all open world series, Grand Theft Auto. While that's definitely a burden it must shoulder, Mercenaries 2 is different enough so one can justifiably cry "apples and oranges," to an extent. The plot revolves around a mercenary (you) who's been contracted by a Venezu...

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    So Much Potential 0

    I have been looking forward for this game since I shelved my Xbox and put Mercenaries in a box with all my other Xbox games. I often thought of taking the game out and having another run through in the massive North Korean  war zone. Mercenaries 2 is extremely different though in not only story line but how you interact with the different groups. In the original you would search for the North Korean deck of 52. This to me would be great fun to explore the country side to find these different car...

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    Mercs 2, We waited 3 years for this? 0

    Mercs 2, this has to be the worst buy I have made in a long time. I avoided the Too Human Flop just by a hair, but now i get blind sighted by this. This game had alot going for it I mean alot, So i am going to not have any mercy for this game this is a simply the Devs fault and no other person on earth should be blamed expect them.    So lets start out, Its 2006 you see the killer E3 showing. The game looks like the next gen version of Mercs, which it shoulda been. The first Mercs was great we a...

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    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 0

    If I had to use one word to describe why Mercenaries 2 isn't great, it would be "rough". The game is most definitely rough. You'd think it shouldn't be after the delays it experienced, but the game still feels like a PS2 port with prettier explosions and a bunch of glitches. None of the technical problems really hurt the game though, and the game itself is so cool that it's hard to dislike it. It certainly has issues, but they can all be overcome if you're looking for an enjoyable, less than ful...

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    What happened to this game? 0

    Mercenaries 2 feels a great deal like EA and Pandemic took the first game, added a fresh coat of paint and online co-operative play, changed the setting to Venezuela, and then hit the send button.   This could be a great thing if they had not also removed many aspects of the first game which made it so much fun to play. In Mercenaries you were trying to track down to capture of kill a 'deck of cards.' This deck consisted of 52 different leaders, and these leaders were scattered and hidden in var...

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    Random Fun 0

    Mercs 2 is game that will not be considered good by a lot of people. I ignored all the bad critic and gave it a shot. It came as no surprise to me that this game is really fun. the story isn't that important and go to hell. The inportant thing here is to do missions, gte new vehicles and airstrikes and go raze a few building and set fire to forests. The physics here are pretty good. Once i was standing too close to a building after calling in a bunker buster and a huge piece of concrete flew in ...

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    Mercenaries 2. 1

    This game is the bomb.It is like the first one ( Mercinaries, Playground of Destruction) but a lot better, the map is bigger, there are more enemys, more guns, more add-ons and more explosions.I honestly do not know why Gamespot rated this game so low. It is a great game and I shall tell you why...So the story. You are in Venesuala and you are on a contract, Mr Solano wants you to get a general carmona out of prison to stage a military coup, and with the promise of cash, you accept. So you end u...

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    Mercenaries 2 you say? 1

    Alright, to start off let's go back a bit. I was online with my now newly suited Swede and my good friend Ricky, and there we were standing on a gigantic oil rig, as I spool up the engines in a squat black helicopter Rick call's in a sub nuclear air strike as he fends off multiple assailants, I'm forced to take off without him in the fray just as the nuke hits and the screen goes white and the explosion racks the place. As I look through my screen, Rick is miraculously still alive and well in th...

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    Mercenries World in Flames 0

    I bought mercenaries because I was a fan of the first, and I had heard some good things. This game like others has its up's and downs, lucky its up's outnumber its downs. Stories: The the story is about getting revenge one man who had hired you to return his general, and he didn't pay you back. The idea of the game makes scene, but the way they present the games story falls flat, were it tries to be serious while being to corny at the same time. The overall story was a good idea and I enjoyed it...

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    Explosions. That's What Mercenaries 2 Is All About. 0

    Explosions aren't, at all, anything we haven't seen in a video game before. But I think Mercenaries 2 has probably some of the most memorable and greatest looking explosions we've ever seen. Huge structures just being leveled is definitely the games strongest suite. You'll blow the shit out of just normal houses, yes, but you'll also take down a whole oil refinery at one point, and you can also sink a huge ship into the water. It's prBOOM! etty satisfying, that's for sure. The completely destruc...

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    Welcome to Four Years Ago 0

    Mercenaries 2 is an open-world third person shooter in which you - a mercenary - are tasked with doing missions for two competing factions with the eventual aim of taking revenge on a previous employer. It places a strong emphasis on big, loud explosions, which, whilst pretty, make a pretty bad basis for a game, especially as everything that surrounds them is rather weak.It's hard to care about the storyline for Mercs 2, and from playing the game it seems as though even Pandemic shared this prob...

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    Mercenaries 2 Not worth the wait! 1

    As a fan of the original Mercenaries, i was looking forward to the Mercenaries 2.  However the game kept getting delayed and delayed and i began wondering if all that time was being put to good use.  In the end the game ended up being i think a shadow of its former self.  The story is pretty basic and can be forgotten after the first hour or so of gameplay.  You'll pretty much be focusing on doing jobs for all the factions while not letting other factions know you causing them trouble.  The only...

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    Not great, but still dam fun. 0

    Mercenaries is the latest game from Pandemic Studios, the makers of the Battlefront, Full Spectrum Warriors series, while they are a very talented team, this game doesn't hold up as well as Battlefront per say, but it is sure dam fun to play. Mercenaries starts you off choosing which mercenary you want to play, while they don't play much differently, they have only 1 thing that makes each of them unique, mainly one runs faster, one can heal faster, and one carries more ammo, now there back stor...

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    Mercenaries 2 Review >.> 0


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    Mercenaries 2: World Incomplete. 0

    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames carves another mark of disappointment for me this year.  After what must have been a tedious development cycle, I'm treated to one of this year's buggiest releases.  Without picking on the game's storied history, Mercs 2 certainly has its ups, but the negatives far outweigh the good.The game starts out with your selected mercenary being double crossed and vowing revenge on Solano, who shot you in the ass and still owes you his payment.  The storyline is ripped stra...

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    what do you do with problems? you blow it up! 0

     Mercenaries experience portraits the same situations and problems that other games face when coming out with a squeal to the original series of the game. With its inspired to cause destruction to anything in the world and the high selection of the weapons this game brings alot of hype to its name. But with all the destruction and weapons enough to carry this game to the best hit side lines or will it face what other original series squeal games did in past history. The answer is simple it can b...

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    Mercenaries eww: World in Flames...Could have been so much more 0

    Giyanks22 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames ReviewGamertag: Giyanks22Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a game that has a totally open world environment, but unfortunately doesn't deliver on every level. The story is unoriginal and boring. You are going after a Salano, a Venezuelan, who has a lust for power, and tries to take over the country. The game  strays away from the story, because it takes you forever to move the plot along. You have three mercenaries to play as, but the story is the same fo...

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    Mercs 2 as its many faults, but its still a fun game to play! 0

    For those of you who have ever experienced Pandemic Studios's Mercenaries: Playground Destruction then you'll know what to expect from its sequel. This is because so much of Mercs 2 feels similar to its Predecessor in so many ways and although in areas this is not indeed a bad thing, it is when you compare it to so many other open world games currently avaliable on this generation of consoles. Its fair to argue that aspects of what Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction offered was ahead of its ...

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    A Sith Reviews: Mercemaries 2: World in Flames 0

    Welcome to mercenary hiring class; now to the most important lesson, the rules of hiring a mercenary. Rule number one; always pay these one-man murder machines. Rule two, if you want to double-cross them, do it before they can figure your plan out. The final rule is, never injure said mercenary, and then let him live by failing to chase him down when he runs. Now that you know the rules do you: A) Let him kill hundreds of armed men, rescue your colonel, and then shoot him in the ass, but allow h...

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    Mercenaries 2 could have been such a great game. 0

    The original Mercenaries surprised most of the gaming world. Its combination of fun, challenging gameplay, and open sandbox world made it an addictive and fun game. With the release of Mercenaries 2, there is more of the same fun gameplay, but there are so many issues keeping it from surpassing its predacessor and justifying the amount of hype it has received. At times, Mercs 2 can be a fun, exciting game, but at other times its merely a stressful, frustrating combination of cheap, unbalanced AI...

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    Amazing game! 0

    Be sure to open your eyes for this one. I was kind of disappointed by the first one but this one builds on the foundations of the first one and it really offers phenomenal gameplay and visuals. The gameplay mechanics are really cool and when it comes to action the game is unmatched. It’s a must have for action fans and for anyone that likes games like Gears of War, Counter-Strike and other cult action titles. The guys at Pandemic did a great job and I’m really happy that their buyout by EA did n...

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    Reviews are Baffling 0

       Mercenaries was one of my favorite games last generation. Open as GTA 4 with better weaponry to play with. It really didn't get much better. But, technical limitations killed it as the game was fairly ugly and had almost no view with fog being used so much one would think one was playing N64 Turok.Mercenaries 2 has had, to be gentle, a troubled development cycle. Delayed for a year because the framerate was, apparently, abysmal (It was called "Mercenaries 2: World in Frames" for a reas...

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    Detective Alonzo Harris Said It Best 0

     From start to finish, this is a tale of revenge… for a butt cheek. Mattias Nilsson gets contracted to infiltrate a compound and liberate a captured general. Job done and for his trouble he gets a bullet lodged in his ass. Not taking this sitting down, for obvious reason, Nilsson accumulates throughout the game enough arsenal to start his own army. Could be because he got betrayed, or could be because he gets what he deserves, either way Mattias won't stop till he gets payback. A story of reve...

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    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 1

    This game sure is a mercs game-- Lots of explosions , near immortality, and very, very repetitive level design. Don't get me wrong , this game is fun, just feels shouldn't have been delayed. I cant understand what the reasoning behind that could have been but it couldnt have been that crucial. I do like it but the game has as damn near many flaws and glitches as skate does. Only they are a little better hidden in skate. I parked a car on a sidewalk and two women walked into i...

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    As Yahtzee calls it "Airstrikes 2: Hooray for Airstrikes" 0

    Mercenaries 2 is the sequel to "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction" which many claimed to be one of the best PS2 games. The sequel takes place in Venezuela with the returning characters and more Airstrikes.The story: Quite frankly, it's bad. You want revenge for someone who didn't pay you and shot you in the ass, sounds good? No. So you take missions from different factions to locate where Solano is. And that's about it.Gameplay: It's a third person shooter with lots of guns, vehicles and Ai...

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    Mercenaries 2 is unpolished, boring and annoying. 0

    I was very excited about getting Mercenaries 2, not just because Mercenaries one was an awesome game, but because you can blow the sh*t out of everything. Well, too bad even that doesn't work out that way. The game has a boring storyline and charecters, so I wouldn't even bother telling you about them. The gameplay was fun for the first 10 minutes (yes, I actually loved the first mission), but after that it gets boring and repetitive. I left the game on the shelf after some more missions. It is ...

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    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - Oh No You Didn't! 0

    Looking at Mercenaries 2, you've gotta take it for what it is, an over the top crazy action filled game with plenty of weapons and explosives to boot. It's simply a fun game... as long as you can get it to work. The amount of bugs and glitches give people a varied experience depending on the amount of bugs they encounter. There is definitely potential for a five star game here and in the coming months whether or not they put out adequate patches will change whether or not this game is remembered...

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    It's fun to blow things up. 3

    There's a difference between a very fun game and a very good game. A very fun game will offer almost endless kicks from beginning to end. A very good game will provide the same value as a very fun game while also offering few technical problems, an interesting storyline, and perhaps a really good multiplayer option. Well, at least Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has a really good co-op mode.This game is pure testosterone-fueled fun. If you like explosions, hijacking helicopters in midair, and pol...

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    My Mercenaries 2 Review 0

    It has now been a little bit over a day since I have bought Mercenaries 2 and played quite a bit out of it already. Now to let you all know, I am a huge Mercenaries fan from the previous 1 title they had of it. So I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while now.It is a great game in my opinion. Now I won't say it beats GTA: IV on everything GTA had but it does a pretty good job at it. I actually think Saints Row 2 actually will be the new "GTA" that we missed out on and probably w...

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    mercinaries 2 rocked 0

    I enjoyed the ability to destroy about everything in this lush, green world . Although the storyline generally wasnt that great . Playing as Mattias made the game that much better. The good parts were that you could fly a heli drive nice cars and drive jetskis also, there was was alot of factions that i grew to like after a while . The major drawbacks were there were alot of resrticted areas like whe i went up into the mountains and tried to get jumps  on the motorcycles i kept blowing up   (tha...

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    Micro-Review: Worth a few hours of your time, nothing more. 0

     True to everything you have heard about it, the game is buggy. Not only that, it is repetitive and consequently boring. It is a great romp around the jungle for a few hours, but you will quickly find that the game simply does not progress beyond that point. You literally just go from point A to point B and blow something up along the way. That is pretty much it.   On top of that the explosions aren't that impressive and prior to playing the game that is what I kept hearing was one of the best p...

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    Many problems..but undeniably fun 0

    Pros:Almost completely destructable environments is fun Huge map Fun missions Neat ideas (i.e. Hijack helicopter, tanks, etc) ConsSome of the worst vehicle engine sounds i've ever heard in a game. Dialogue is very repetitive and annoying Draw distance is quite bad, worse than GTA Story is uninteresting AI can be very stupid sometimes PresentationGood menus and loading screens. Cutscenes are done pretty decently. Camera angles are good and usually dont get in the way. 3.5/5GraphicsCan look very...

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    Mercenaries 2: World in Shame 2

    Mercenaries 2 starts off fine, but quicky turns into a mess of technical problems that make the game overly frustrating.The AI in the game is useless, you spend a min or so getting a few of your AI buddies into a vehicle because they are so dumb they can't find the door.  Even if you do get them in they are about as helpful as screen door on a sub.  Half the time they don't shoot at enemies, the other half they don't hit anything.  In one instance I tried to get a few of them in a APC,  I came t...

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    Too jumpy to be a Mercenary 0

    Personally I fell in love with this game either when I got shot in the ass or the first time I called a air-strike on a building. This game gives you alot to explore and more than enough places to blow up.....But importantly this game suffers alot from bugs that can easily turn the tide from you being a one man army to being shot down.....ALOT.... But it is a very solid title I must say and I am looking forward to more from the world mercenaries ...

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    Mercenaries 2 is Great Fun, but full of Game-killing bugs. 0

    Most people who will buy and have bought Mercenaries 2: World in Flames either A.) Played the original or B.) Love to watch shit get blown up. If you fit neither of these demographics, I can almost assure you that you will hate this game, and you need not read further. However, if you are in one of or both of those groups, you will more than likely really dig this game. Basically when it all comes down to it, Mercenaries 2 is about capturing outposts for various factions. These factions include ...

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    Mercs 2 made for PS2 (PLAYSTATION 2) 2

    Where do I begin, from the moment I noticed that this game did not support my measly resolution of 1280x1024.  I knew there was something wrong with this game but, I did not know how far down the gutter this game was going to take me.  I figured that my resolution was no biggy and therefore I simply turned on all the graphical effects minus AA (Anti-Aliasing) and V-SYNC (Vertical Sync, 60 frames a second lock-in).  Know I don't want to mention my entire system specs but, if you want to know it i...

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