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Mercs 2, We waited 3 years for this?

Mercs 2, this has to be the worst buy I have made in a long time. I avoided the Too Human Flop just by a hair, but now i get blind sighted by this. This game had alot going for it I mean alot, So i am going to not have any mercy for this game this is a simply the Devs fault and no other person on earth should be blamed expect them.

    So lets start out, Its 2006 you see the killer E3 showing. The game looks like the next gen version of Mercs, which it shoulda been. The first Mercs was great we all loved it! Everyone had a great time with this Gen ender game, which pushed the limits of the last gen. After E3 06 everyone I mean everyone that had touched Mercs had been amazed by it, It had added many cool ideas the PMC, Split screen co-op. (I will explain that train wreck later)
It also had decent graphics, the game was setting up to be a solid game.

    What happen, well I will tell you what happen delays, and lots of them. Our first one was the 2007 delay, they said that there was a major bug on the Hard version of the game. (Yea what happen to that too) So we all thought ok maybe a month more a waiting they will fix it, we all had hope even I did you looks to rip apart almost anything that was the next GTA clone. So we waited nothing really we got nothing all that happen is that people banned, even me I did my fair share of bashing the game hearing that stuff would be cut out ad the game had been delayed. Then in one of there blogs they said Q1 of 08, We all where all happy again and waited. Then during the Q1 of 08 we got the Aug 31 date. It was Hell

    Now the cuts not only had they cut many, many features like split screen co-op, but the extra hard mode was gone. Why in the world would the reason the game got delayed get cut. The worst thing is they don't tell us, I even got a friend to play split screen co-op but I learned that it was online only. Next was the fact that the game was nothing we wanted. No story which make that same joke I mean how many time can you say "shot in the ass" In a game. Really thats just stale.

    Now you are like, "What the heck dude you haven't even talked about the game". Well I had to get that out, because if they told us this would be that game i wouldn't be as mad and I would give them some more credit for giving us what the said. So now I will bash the gameplay! gather around kids don't make the same mistake as me! Well where to start (its really that bad) how about the start of the game. We get one little contract to save some guy. Yea just some guy I mean all this makes no sense you really don't even need to know or even look at the screen to figure out what happens to you.  So after you do the first contract which seemed pretty cool, next the worst joke in the game happens. You get betrayed and he shoots you in the ass, you don't even need to look at the screen to know that because every person in the game says it for you a 100 times.

    Yea thats pretty much is the plot, really sad. So next its just a regular GTA clone you just go around killing people earn some money by doing some jobs. You can buy stuff to but don't worrie about that you go through so many menus it makes no sense. So after you first few contracts you get extra people to help you with more stuff you won't need. Thats the game it has little to no plot the game has lots of bang, but not enough. Your health doesn't matter you are a god anyway. You get almost everything form dead people there is no need to shoot.  Just rifle but your way through the game.  The all of a sudden the games over, and even after that it is bugged so many features aren't usable.

    You know the full game isn't even out yet it is so bugged I can use some features. This is a beta give it some time and some patches, and I will give it a chance but till then. It is a game that is nothing what we thought it would be, rent it make up your own mind  but for me I can really not really judge it yet. Give it some time and some patches. Then again I can't make up your mind have some fun and make a few comments if you want.

Also Big Brother is watching!

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