Neat game for $5, anyone else pick it up?

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Bought this game on a whim and like it a lot. The whole moving around mercury, changing colors, collecting items, running against the clock is really neat. The game's music is really good, the background and the mercury move to the music, but you can put your own music as well, I've been pumping the Syndicate trailer music. I used to be a Monkey Ball fan and this reminds me of that a lot but I think it's actually much better than that series. Anyone else pick it up? What do you think? Also i've been having a bunch of fun trying to beat my friend's scores and times. Anyone who picked this up on PSN add me, ID is in my mini bio.

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It is actually, it's just in beautiful HD, good music and fun yet hard levels, fun game and for only 5 bucks

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