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Dragon Age: Origins

Merrill is a Dalish Elf from the clan of the Dalish Elf Warden. She is the apprentice of the Keeper and helps the Warden search for Tamlen in the old ruins. She is only seen during the Dalish Elf Origin.

Dragon Age II


In Dragon Age II, Merrill is a recruitable companion and romance option for both a male and female Hawke. Some time after receiving the amulet from Flemeth, Hawke visits a Dalish Elf encampment in Sundermount and is introduced to Merrill by Keeper Marethari. Hawke and Merrill travel up the mountain to begin the ritual, and along the way it is revealed that Merrill is actually a Blood Mage. After finishing the ritual and summoning Flemeth, Keeper Marethari asks Hawke if Merrill can accompany him, thus leaving the clan. 
Merrill is encountered in Dragon Age II as the first to Keeper Marethari. She has been an apprentice under Marethari since she was a little girl. As the first to the keeper of her clan she has always been a bit isolated, but recent events have pusher her even further away from her clan. Merrill has taken to using forbidden magic and consorting with demons of the fade to repair an Eluvian. She believes the Eluvian will help her regain some of the lost history of the Dalish Elves, her clan believes her to be far too close to becoming an abomination and wishes nothing to do with her. Merrill has chosen to leave the clan as she can no longer take the hate and scorn of the clan, she accompanies Hawke in his/her quest. She moves into the Kirkwall Alienage when she arrives at Kirkwall and commences work on the Eluvian.  
Merrill is good natured and described as pure of heart. She believes it is capable of accepting the demons help without succumbing to the temptation it offers. Merrill believes all of the danger she is taking is a necessary risk. Her people lost nearly all knowledge of their past, stories, traditions, history, and rituals are a few of the things that the Dalish Elves have lost since Humans rose to power. Merrill believes that restoring the Eluvian, which is a Dalish relic, could potentially allow her to regain some of her people's lost history. However consorting with demons is extremely dangerous, and never ends well for the mage or those around them. 


Merrill is a possible romance option for both a male and female Hawke. Merrill's romance requires 50% friendship/rivalry by act II or the romance will not be activated.  Both the friendship and rivalry romances are available to those who wish to romance Merrill. During the course of the romance the player can convince Merrill to regain her peoples history and aid her in the quest, or to give up on the past and quit trying altogether. As with other romance options in Dragon Age II Merrill's armor can be upgraded upon completion of various stages of the romance subplot. Merrill also has the option of moving in with Hawke during the second act of the game. After the final decision is made by Hawke and if Merrill's romance arc has been pursued she will affirm her love for Hawke and they will share an intimate moment before the game concludes. Varric's epilogue will state that every companion of Hawke's had to separate from the Champion's side, "Except Merrill of course".  


  • Merrill is voiced by Eve Myles.
  • She is nicknamed by Isabela and Varric as 'Kitten' and 'Daisy' respectively.
  • Merrill was born in Nevarra.

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