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    Meta Knight

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    Meta Knight is an ambiguous character in the Kirby Series.

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    Meta Knight is a recurring boss character in the Kirby series


    Meta Knight is very honorable, and tends to give Kirby a sword before fighting. Meta Knight is also able to transform his cape into a pair of bat-like wings. Without his mask, he looks just like a blue version of Kirby.

    Special Appearances

    In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Meta Knight is a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is currently the top character in tournament play, and is a controversial character as well. He has multiple jumps, quick moves, and abusive specials. He has nearly no flaws, and because of this fact, many players have requested a ban for him. However, official rule organizers have turned the requests down endlessly.

    Meta Knight also is in the Subspace Emissary. His ship, Halberd, was hijacked by Mr. Game & Watch clones, and he was forced to leave. He meets Marth, who sees his kingdom is under attack by many Subspace enemies, and after a brief battle, they realize they must team up to take down the enemies forming.

    Later, they meet Ike, who cuts the Ancient Minister's Subspace Bomb, and he joins them. The three travel through a desert area, and eventually encounter a foe named "Galleon".

    Meta Knight later sees his ship near a mountain. He climbs the mountain in a hurry, passing the Ice Climbers. Once he reaches the top, he battles Lucario. The two, after their battle, join forces and board the Halberd together.

    As the two venture through the ship, Lucario senses Solid Snake under a box. Snake, who was threatened, thought they were hostile, but before he could do anything, some Subspace enemies appeared, and the three teamed up to take down more.

    When the three reach the control room, they find many clones of Mr. Game & Watch inside the ship. The clones are thrown out, but on the deck of the Halberd, they break into Subspace Bugs and form "Duon".


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