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    Game within a game. Can either have no effect on other portions of the primary game or have drastic impacts. In order to qualify as a meta game it must be outside the normal experience and have seperate rules that govern it.

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    A meta game can also refer to a game applied to a game. A tournament is an example of a meta game. The tournament has its own point structure and is a winnable game unto itself regardless of what game is being played in the tournament, e.g. a Halo, Starcraft, or Street Fighter tournament. 
    Meta game has also been adapted to talk about strategies in a game. The meta game of Super Street Fighter 4 has numerous strong characters with favorable matchups. The meta game involves taking the matchup into account when selecting fighters, i.e. if a player is known to have a preference for a fighter like Ryu then his opponent can play the meta game by choosing Balrog (American version, aka "Boxer") as a hard counter because the matchup generally favors Balrog.


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