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    Metal Fatigue

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 31, 2000

    Lead one of the three warring factions to victory as one of three brothers; Jonus, Stefan or Diego. Only one faction will stand above the rest in the end; Mil-Agro, Rimtech or Neuropa. The Hedoth technology will decide the course of the war, in particular the end.

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    Metal Fatigue is a real time strategy created in 2000. T he game evolves around three factions known as "CorpoNations" which are Rimtech, Mil-Agro and Neuropa. These CorpoNations have been tracing the source of "Hedoth", a race which has once caused devastation across the galaxy. Hedoth are assumed extinct, and the CorpoNations are fighting over the ruins of their homeworld to gain ultimate power. It is up to three brothers to bring balance to the fighting, or succumb to the greed and bloodlust the new technology brings forth.


    Metal Fatigue runs like the average RTS with base-building, resource gathering, unit control and the occasional obliteration of enemies. There are a total of three factions avaliable, but what really puts a twist to the game are the three different "layers" where fighting can occur, as well as the introduction of "Combots". The three layers previously mentioned are Underground, Surface and Orbit. While Underground mainly is a crammed area of dirt where you will need units capable of drilling to make space and progress, Orbit offers small to large sized islands where the ability to fly is favoured. Surface is essentially ground-level, where mountains and large structures form the bulk of the landscape. Using different means like teleportation, elevators and simple thrusters, the player is capable of moving in between these three layers unhindered.

    As for the resources there are two things to rely on, "MetaJoules" and ManPower. MetaJoules being the general resource harvested by drawing energy with your worker units from Surface fissures, Underground fissures (Larger deposits) or by harnessing energy in Orbit by using solar panels. ManPower is the amount of people avaliable to you, a "resource" you increase by building Cryo Farms. Combined with much manpower, an adequate income of MetaJoules can speed up building/repair speed drastically. There is of course a wide variety of buildings, from factories and normal ground defenses to orbital bombardment and sub-level cannons, not to mention ordinary ground units such as tanks and artillery, as well as fighter jets and bombers.


    Combots are huge robot-like beings with humanoid appearance. They're your most valuable asset, and your most deadly units. By building a Combot Part Factory you may manufacture parts for your robots, divided up into three categories; Legs, Torsos and Arms. There is a certain amount of different kinds of legs and you can (naturally) have only one pair of legs per combot, the same goes for the Torsos. Arms however can be choosen individually, and you may equip a large assortment of different kinds to customize your combots into whatever roles you may have in mind. Rocket torsos, legs with shields against ranged attacks, arms armed with laser swords, armor-fists, EMP variations, the list goes on and on.

    Additionally, all races have different styles and qualities in their different combot parts, but anytime a limb is dropped (or cut off during combat) from an enemy combot you may designate a worker unit to pick it up (or have one of your own combots eject an unwanted arm and equip the other, can be done during mid-combat even), you may take it back to your base and have your Research Facility research the particular piece of technology, so that you may build them in your parts factory later on. Larger scale Combot battles usually end with a lot of legs, torsos and arms laying around on the battlefield, so there will never really be a shortage of researchable equipment.

    To successfully field a combot however, only building the parts will not suffice, but you will also have to build a Combot Assembly Bay, where all finished combot parts built in your Combot Part Factory will be automatically transfered for you to piece together. Additionally you will need a crew for your Combot, which can be trained in the Cryo Farms (Which naturally will reduce your manpower slightly, seeing you turn civilians into combat personel). When all these criteria are fulfilled, the Combot may be launched from the bay to stand on its own legs for the first time, and most assuredly soon march into combat.


    The campaign is a story-driven tale of three brothers, the youngest being Stefan Angelus, the middle brother Jonus Angelus and the eldest brother Diego Angelus. The story mainly start off by the three brothers being in the same Rimtech survey-team; Echo 2, and stumbling across some ancient Hedoth technology during a regular checkup. Jonus wound up with the technology in his arms, and an argument break out over his decision to deliver it to Neuropa for profit, Diego not wanting his brother to betray Rimtech. In the middle of the argument however Mil-Agro jets starts to bombard the area and Diego is forced to flee one way, with Jonus escaping into another direction and Stefan's broken Combot being thrown down a cliffside. Mil-Agro later salvage Stefan's body and combot before pressing him into their service, with Diego returning to the bombed site to find none of his brothers nearby, Jonus having ran off to Neuropa as he had planned.

    Thus the campaign is played as either of the three factions, controlling one of the three brothers deeming by your choice. All three factions have individual endings, as well as a common one after all three campaign parts have been completed.



    "If the righteous and honorable can also obliterate you, who are you to argue with their vision of the galaxy?"


    "Let the Strong survive, and the meek provide fuel for our engines"

    That is the general attitude of the Mil-Agro. They are the warmongers of the world, and they will stop at nothing to secure the power represented by Hedoth technology. In fact, they love to fight, as a general rule. It's somewhat intimidating to participate in a deadly conflict when your opponent is joyfully hooting and hollering the whole way through.

    What Mil-Agro lack in mobility they make up for in striking-power, they are known to favour short-range and melee weaponry over "Cowardly" long range attacks. While they employ some tactics, the core of their way of combat is wading out into battle with axe in hand, killing whatever gets close.


    " In a way, they are almost more alien than the technology which all three seek to seize."


    With RTS comes skirmishes, and with skirmishes and blood-thirsty players comes multiplayer. Metal Fatigue supports skirmish and online battles with up to 8 players. It is accessed through an in-game system, direct-connect settings or LAN games.


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