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    Metal Gear Online

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 17, 2008

    A tactical, online, third-person shooter, based on the gameplay mechanics of Metal Gear Solid 4. The game's servers were shut down in June 2012.

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    Metal Gear Online, a tactical third-person shooter that comes with Metal Gear Solid 4, features battles online that can span up to 16 players per session. The game is labeled as a "Starter Pack" and a variety of expansions are available for download. The Starter Pack comes with the following:


    Groznyi Grad in Metal Gear Online.
    Groznyi Grad in Metal Gear Online.
    1. Ambush Alley (A.A)
    2. Blood Bath (B.B)
    3. Gronznyj Grad (G.G)
    4. Midtown Maelstrom (M.M)
    5. Urban Ultimatum (U.U)
    6. Icebound Inferno (I.I) - Added with the 1.33 update

    Modes of play

    The gameplay modes featured in Metal Gear Online are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture Mission, Rescue Mission, Base Mission, Sneaking Mission and Team Sneaking Mission.


    Pits players against each other. The winner is the player with most enemy kills, either when a set amount of kills occur or when time runs out.

    Team Deathmatch

    Follows the rules of Deathmatch, but groups players into two teams. Every player's kills on a team are added up for that team's score.

    Capture Mission

    Analogous to capture the flag of other online games, with teams racing to capture and hold within their goal area assigned targets, KEROTAN or GA-KO, for a cumulative period of 30 seconds. This timer is reset when both teams have their targets in their goal area.

    Rescue Mission

    Similar to Capture Mission, but here, only one target, GA-KO, exists. One team defends GA-KO within their base and the other team seeks to bring it to their goal area. There is no respawning in this mode, so the team that kills all the enemy team's members automatically wins.

    Base Mission

    Structured around capturing and defending small areas scattered across the map. A team wins by seizing all the bases, or by having captured more bases than the enemy team when time runs out.

    Sneaking Mission

    Follows the rules of Team Deathmatch, but also introduces Snake, and with 11 or more players participating, Metal Gear Mk. II. The player controlling Snake wins if he acquires three dog tags from other players within the time limit. Each team can also claim victory by killing Snake a set amount of times, or by having scored more opposing team kills when time runs out.

    Team Sneaking Mission

    Demands from the sneaking team (equipped with stealth camouflage) to bring KEROTAN and / or GA-KO to their goal area, while the other team defends the items. A team also claims victory by stunning or killing all enemy team members.

    Sons of the Patriots System (SOP System)

    As you learn in Metal Gear Solid 4, every soldier that fights has nanomachines. These nanomachines allow you to suppress pain, and also link up with teammates for better communication at teamwork. This system which allows this is called the Sons of the Patriots system (SOP). By pressing the Triangle button on your controller, you will either salute or wave to teammates, depending if you are running or not. This salute/wave will enable you and everyone around you at the time to link up data with each other. Then, every person that teammate is linked up to is now linked up with you. Teammates gets an either orange/red glow, or blue glow depending on if you're playing on the red or blue side. SOP is helpful for spotting teammates who are also in danger, as a little notification with an icon will come up indicating where the teammate is, and what trouble they are having. This is a great system for enabling better teamwork and communication.

    Skill System

    In Metal Gear Online, a user is allowed to use specific skills (up to 3 slots) which they can level up by using them more often. Every skill has 3 levels, each level taking up one slot (not applicable for non-lethal skills such as "SIXTH SENSE" where even though they have 3 levels, only one slot is needed). These skills greatly improve efficiency in gameplay mechanics, such as shooting more accurately and reloading faster with an assault rifle, performing different kinds of Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC) moves, and spotting out traps such as Playboy magazines and claymores before falling for them.

    Here is the full list of current skills in Metal Gear Online:

    1. HANDGUN - Skill wielding handguns. Reduces recoil when firing and decreases reload time.
    2. SMG - Skill wielding sub-machine guns. Reduces recoil when firing and decreases reload time.
    3. ASSAULT RIFLE - Skill wielding assault rifles. Reduces recoil when firing and decreases reload time.
    4. SHOTGUN - Skill wielding shotguns. Reduces recoil when firing and makes reloading and pump action faster.
    5. SNIPER RIFLE - Skill wielding sniper rifles. Reduces recoil when firing and makes reloading and bolt action faster.
    6. HAWKEYE - Increases the zoom rate when aiming weapons in First-Person view. (Does not affect zoom rate when using a scope)
    7. SURVEYOR - Extends the maximum lock-on distance.
    8. QUARTERBACK - Skill wielding throwing weapons. Enables you to throw farther. All levels of this skill only take up one slot.
    9. TRICKSTER - Skill wielding traps. Enables you to set up traps more quickly. All Levels of this skill only take up one slot
    10. CQC - Close-quarter-combat skill. Press and hold R1 button to use CQC against nearby enemies.
      Level 1 - Can capture and use advance CQC.
      Level 2 - Greater CQC knockout damage.
      Level 3 - Can take weapons from enemies.
    11. BLADES - Skill wielding knives. Raising this skill enables faster knife attacks.
      Level 1 & 2 - Can move during knife attack.
      Level 3 - Can cut throats using CQC capture. (CQC Level 1 must be equipped)
    12. RUNNER - Increases movement speed.
    13. BOX MOVE - Enables you to move around in a box much faster. (Must have equipped a box for 1 hour to unlock this skill or it will appear as "????") Level 3 allows you to perform a running charge that can take stamina away.
    14. QUICK RECOVERY - Enables you to wake up people who are unconscious at a much faster rate. (Help unconscious teammates recover 50 times to learn this skill or it will appear as "????")
    15. MONOMANIA - Displays enemies you've attacked. Can share data through SOP (Sons of the Patriots system). All levels of this skill only take up one slot.
    16. SIXTH SENSE - Displays nearby traps. Can share data through SOP. All levels of this skill only take up one slot.
    17. NARC - Displays attacking enemy when locked-on and damage is taken. Can share data through SOP.
    18. SCANNER - Skill needed: CQC . Press the Triangle button to inject Scanning Plug S into a captured enemy and display link info. Can share data through SOP. Item needed: Scanning Plug S. All levels of this skill only take up one slot.

    Reward Shop

    With a new version update, a Reward Shop has been added where players get "Reward Points" based on how they play the game. Users can use these points as currency in order to buy things such as equipment they can put on their characters in order to give them a new look.

    Different Views

    Metal Gear Online, like Metal Gear Solid 4, allows you to play in both first and third-person mode. You can earn skills to enhance your first-person experience, such as gaining more zoom. First-person is only encouraged to be used when trying to make precision shots, but not as being used for every situation, as you will find yourself at a big disadvantage. The third-person shooting view can be accessed by pressing L1, where from there, you can change from left to right by pressing R3. While in third-person view, you can press the Triangle button on the DualShock 3/SIXAXIS controller to enter first-person view.

    Playable Metal Gear Solid 4 Characters

    Currently, there are eight Metal Gear Solid 4 characters you can play as in this game. Meryl and Johnny are only playable if the Metal Gear Online GENE Expansion is purchased, Mei Ling and Ocelot are playable if the MEME expansion is purchased, Vamp and Raiden are playable if the SCENE expansion is purchased, while Old Snake and Metal Gear Mk. II are playable via the "Sneaking Mission" game mode.

    Old Snake

    Title: Legendary Hero. Available in Sneaking Mode and in all modes after Scene Expansion.

    Snake is able to use his Octocamo and Facecamo to help him blend into the surroundings. He has a CQC slam that can knockout a player instantly along with the ability to reverse CQC. In Sneaking mode he has a camo index. The closer it is to 100, the harder he is to see. He is invisible to the player if he is at 100%. His special salute is smoking a cigarette.

    Metal Gear Mk. II

    Title: Invisible Buddy. Available in Sneaking Mode Only

    Mk II is controlled by Otacon and is on Snake's team in Sneaking Mode. It has the ability to turn invisible using stealth camouflage by pressing X. Mk II will stay invisible unless it attacks. Mk II has two different weapons. The Manipulator is a taser-like tentacle used to stun players instantly. The Mk II can also use the Display Magazine, which displays a pinup on the screen. Making enemies infatuated with it like they would be with a Magazine. After an enemy is stunned, Mk II has the ability to take their dogtag and bring it to Snake. It salutes normally with it's manipulator.


    aka Fiery Leader
    aka Fiery Leader

    Title: Fiery Leader. Available with the Gene Expansion

    Meryl is equipped with the Desert Eagle (Long Barrel), this gun has the longest Auto-Aim range in the game. She is the only one who can use it, and it costs 1000 DP. She has the ability to revive teammates instantly (equivalent to the skill Quick Recovery 3). She also has a balaclava and a scanning plug. The third hit of her PPK combo is a roundhouse, and her special salute is standing with her hand on her hip. She also has the ability to perform directional hand gestures by holding L1 and using the dpad. If she kills Akiba, she will scream his name.

    Johnny (Akiba)

    aka Trap Otaku
    aka Trap Otaku

    Title: Trap Otaku. Available with the Gene Expansion.

    Johnny has no nanomachines, so all SOP related skills are useless for allies and enemies. However, he still has a friendly fire lock, he will cower and yell "It wasn't my fault!." He is unable to move during this. He is equipped with the XM8 compact, which costs 1000 DP. It has the same stats as the XM8, but only costs 1000 DP, compared to the 3500 necessary for the XM8. He also has the M82A2 .50 caliber rifle, it costs 10000 DP, but is a one hit kill if it hits. No matter what. Like in the story mode, Akiba is able to disarm traps by pressing triangle when near a trap, it then turns into a box that can be picked up. Also like in the story mode, Johnny is able to soil himself. If you get three kills in a row, he will end up ducking down crapping his pants, he is immobile during this. It causes a stink trail to be left behind him, which causes the same effects as a smoke grenade. His special salute is him kneeling and shouting "Ta-da!" Like with Meryl, if he kills her, he will scream her name.

    Liquid Ocelot

    aka Guns of the Patriots
    aka Guns of the Patriots

    Title: Guns of the Patriots. Available with the Meme Expansion

    Ocelot brings his special Guns of the Patriots with him to multiplayer, this is a primary weapon and costs no DP. If he fires at someone, it will lock up their SOP. This will stop them from firing their weapons, and if he uses its alternate function, he can destabilize enemies, they will crouch down and convulse for over 20 seconds. The downside to this is that Ocelot stays in his pose for about five seconds. He also has his Thor .45, a devastating handgun that only has one bullet in the chamber, but can knock an enemy over like a shotgun. Like Snake, he has maxed out weapon skills, and a one hit knockout slam and can reverse CQC. But unlike Snake, he has a strong punch combo, and can replace the last hit with a headbutt that does more damage. He has a special taunt, he can run backwards mockingly like at the end of Act IV in the story mode.

    Mei Ling

    aka Remote Captain
    aka Remote Captain

    Title: Remote Captain. Available with the Meme Expansion

    Mei Ling's main weapon is the Missouri, the battleship. She is able to call a remote artillery strike that can hit anywhere in the map (even underground and indoors). This kills an enemy instantly and has a large blast radius. She also has a Soliton Sonar gun that allows her to see enemies through walls and reveal the locations to your teammates. Her salute has a special effect, it has magazine like capabilities, causing enemies to be distracted and unable to move. Besides the Missouri cannons, she is not able to use lethal weapons, even if they are found on the map. She has no CQC ability, but can scan unconscious enemies.


    aka White-Blooded Scout
    aka White-Blooded Scout

    Title: White-Blooded Scout. Available with the Scene Expansion.

    Raiden is only able to use one gun, the Mk23 handgun. But instead he gets to use his High Frequency blade and throwing knifes. He has one of the fastest running speeds in the game, and his sword is an instant kill. Along with that, he can deflect bullets with his sword as he runs, requiring an enemy to either aim for his feet or wait for him to put his sword down. He is also able to stun enemies with the dull side of the blade. He can also jump on ledges that take two normal players to reach. He is able to use his visor to see traps. And like Johnny, he has no nanomachines, so SOP skills have no effect. Along with that, he can also fall from any distance without taking damage as long as you can survive the fall.


    aka Undead Blade
    aka Undead Blade

    Title: Undead Blade. Available with the Scene Expansion.

    Vamp is very similar to Raiden, he has throwing knifes, an extremely fast running speed, jump to high ledges, and can fall from high distances. But unlike Raiden, his main weapon is a Combat Knife, which allows a one hit kill, but also has a longer combo. He can slit throats, and has sideways dashes that dodge bullets. Vamp's specialty is the ability to respawn right where he dies. This does not happen in Base mode. This allows him to take advantage of being in an enemies spawn or taking a target. He has brief invincibility while reviving.

    Konami ID Service

    Metal Gear Online is the first game in the Playstation 3 not to use the Playstation Network service, and actually requires you to create a seperate ID in order to play. The creation of the ID is free, but one console is limited to one character, unless they are willing to pay $6.99. Through Konami's service, add-ons can be purchased via the "MGO Shop" instead of the PLAYSTATION Store.

    Game Finding Systems

    Metal Gear Online employs both a Matchmaking system and a Lobby system.

    Matchmaking System

    The Matchmaking system works just like other Matchmaking systems do, by finding a game with people near your skill level, and as time passes, the gap widens as to the diversity of users you can play with.

    Lobby System

    Along with the Matchmaking system, a Lobby system can also be found in Metal Gear Online. This system lets you enter different kinds of lobbies, such as the "OTACON" lobby, the "ROSEMARY" lobby, and level specific lobbies such as "VAMP: Beginner". One lobby can hold a total of 950 players, and from there, players are free to find custom games, or create custom games.

    Expansion Packs

    GENE Expansion Pack

    The Metal Gear Online GENE Expansion Pack was released on July 17th, 2008 on the MGO Shop available for $11.99/ £7.99, or $14.99/ £9.99 with an extra character slot. You can also join GENE survival matches.

    • The three new maps that come with the GENE Expansion Pack are:
    1. Coppertown Conflict (C.C)
    2. Tomb of Tubes (T.T)
    3. Virtuous Vista (V.V)
    • The two new playable characters with GENE Expansion Pack are Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny (AKIBA).
    • Female characters can also be created now, where as before, it was only possible to have male characters.

    MEME Expansion Pack

    The second Metal Gear Online Expansion Pack was released November 25th, 2008 on the MGO Shop, available for $9.99/ £6.49. The GENE Expansion Pack is needed to install MEME, which a combo pack is available to purchase both for $14.99/ £9.99. Players who install the expansion can enter Tournament mode, compete in MEME Survival lobbies and purchase MEME specific camouflage gear.

    • The three new maps available with the MEME Expansion Pack are:
    1. Silo Sunset (S.S)
    2. Forest Firefight (F.F)
    3. Winter Warehouse (W.W)
    • The two new playable characters with the MEME Expansion Pack are Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling.

    SCENE Expansion Pack

    The third Expansion Pack available for Metal Gear Online, SCENE, was released March 17th, 2009, costing $9.99/ £6.49. GENE and MEME is needed to install the SCENE Expansion Pack, which can be bought in a bundle pack. MEME and SCENE for $14.99/ £7.99, or GENE, MEME and SCENE for $17.99/ £9.99. Players who have installed the expansion can compete in any Survival lobbies and tournaments and purchase SCENE specific gear.

    • The three new maps available with SCENE Expansion Pack are:
    1. Outer Outlet (O.O)
    2. Hazard House (H.H)
    3. Ravaged Riverfront (R.R)
    • The two new playable characters with the SCENE Expansion Pack are Raiden and Vamp.
    • Two new emblems are also available, The Fighting Fish and The Arctic Skua.
    • You also unlock t-shirts for any emblems you have.
    • Three new skills are also available which are:
    1. CQC EX: Once the skill is earned, the player will automatically counter any CQC move attempted on your character except for other CQC EX users
    2. Toughness: The player will be able to endure knockdown attacks and recovery time is decreased
    3. Charm: When the player uses triangle, any characters near-by will be distracted by your beauty for a short period of time, much like the magazine effect. There are three different poses, depending on your sex. This is the same skill that Mei-Ling uses.

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