Microsoft giving 1600 points w/ Pre Order of MGR: Revengeance

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I really want the Grey Fox skin that Gamestop is giving but a free $20 worth of points seems like the better deal.

I think it is a better incentive than DLC that is or isn't available later.

Anyone else?

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Yeah 1600 points instead of one skin is a way better incentive, hard to say no to that.

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Damn you, US only shipping

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I doubt the skin will never be available later. The points are still the better option in either case though

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Seems like they're doing that with a lot of upcoming game releases, including GTA V. I'd be tempted to do it with like GTA V, since I'm getting it on my Xbox regardless of the retailer, but does Microsoft have release day delivery, like Amazon? Probably not, I'm more interested in release day shipping over 1600 MS points, honestly.

I also can't imagine you being able to pre order the game, have the code sent to you and redeem it and then cancel the pre order? Probably sent to you once the game is shipped/charged to your card?

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#6 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Does this only apply to US and not Canada?

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Boss deals. Too bad I'm on PC.

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