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A continuation to one of the greatest games ever made.

I can't forget the day I bought this game. It was before I had access to Internet and my only source of information was magazines. I had heard very little of the game, mostly speculations from friends, but I knew it was on its way.

MGS 2 was probably the most exciting game purchase I have ever made. This was the sequel to a game that had affected me like no game before. Not only that, but it was for the all new next-gen console, PlayStation 2.

The first thing I noticed was the dramatic, well animated cut scenes, which none of were prerendered. The graphics look a little smooth, but are some of the best the PS2 has to offer. Your hero, Snake, in detail like you've never seen him before. The graphics were impressive enough that they let you take in-game photos that you can save to your memory card.

The music is unforgettable. It's orchestrated theme song is as memorable as Mario Bros, Zelda or Halo's. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself humming it in the shower. The voice overs and acting are again movie quality.

Gameplay is as solid as ever and remains similar to the previous game. It's good that they didn't try to revise something that wasn't broken. This time there is first-person gun aiming, to help you take out the more advanced AI guards. You also have the option to use tranquilizer darts through the game, if you want to see if you can beat it without killing anyone.

The story is where it gets a little confusing, even all the way up to the end. I won't spoil anything, but just make sure you don't turn off the game if you're instructed to by one of the in-game characters... There is only one thing I didn't like in all of this, and it's that you play as Raiden more than you do as Snake. I wanted to play as a bad-ass, not a whiny-ass. This didn't ruin the game, you get attached to the character and it adds more to the story.

Bosses are as unique as before, you get to see and hear of many of them before you ever fight. So when you finally do, you have that, "We meet at last." feeling. Again, there are some boss characters that while you're walking away, you wish you didn't have to kill them. But if you're skilled enough, maybe you won't have to.

There are challenging, unlockable features and easter eggs to find throughout the game, it has great replay value. MGS 2: Substance included extra missions and a skateboarding mini game that this first one did not. So if you haven't played this yet, I'd recommend getting that one. I ended up buying both.

Metal Gear Solid 2 will have you laughing, crying, cursing, and possibly running around nude, round-housing guards in the face while trying to conceal your...well, let's just say there's another snake trying to go stealth.

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