Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Dec 22, 2005

    An updated version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater containing several new features, most notably a third-person camera and an online mode.

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    Top Ten of all time.

     (NOTE: This Review comes from someone who didn't play MGS3 the first time around, enjoy)

    Pros: Great Gameplay, Wonderful Storyline, Graphics still hold up, Online play is wonderfully good, The first to Metal Gear games, Duel Mode, everything you'd ever want from this game, and more. And Ocelot.

    Cons: easiness to get Demo Theatre could ruin you, no cutscenes during duel mode, kinda funky controls online.


    On this disc is the actual game, demo theatre, and you can download new camoflauges.

    The game itself is worth the 30 bucks out of your pocket.

    The Gamelay is very well done. The handy map and the top right corner has totally been wiped off, so now you will have to find your enemies on your screen yourself all by yourself. Although this will take you a while to get used to at first, you will easily adapt yourself. SPEAKING OF ADAPTING(nice segway), you now have to camaflouge yourself into the wilderness, this adds tons of depth into the already deep game of Metal Gear

    Also new to the gameplay, you have to find your own food and kill it so your stamina doesn't deplete and you will become hungry(you lose precision, and your stomache growls, giving you away to the guards). This sounds like its tiresome, but you barely have to think about it to keep your stamina up. The cure menu is also new to the franchise, and it's very good, letting you treat your wounds fast and efficiently.

    Also, CQC. Enough said, CQC is awesome... all you need to know.

    This game also has one of the(if not THE)best story's in a game...ever. Ocelot is extra badass, The Boss is a very memorable character, and Naked Snake is wonderful. The Demo Theatre will probably get to you if you have not finished the game.. so that's a probablem that you might not enjoy the story while playing the game.

    The new camera angle is the only thing new about the single player. In some areas, the new camera is very, very useful. but in other areas, you'll probably want to use the old camera angle to see from a better advantage point throughout the area.

    The Graphics for the game has not dated at all. This game can compare with the best of them. The wilderness is amazingly detailed for a PS2 game. All of the animations and mo-cap are very smooth, and I have yet to come across framerate issues for the game.

    The Voice acting for the game is very well done. Once again, Ocelot is the biggest badass ever(sorry Virgil).

    The music is pretty good for it all to be original. You can tell the James Bond theme is all over this.

    The demo theatre lets you see all the trailers however you want too.. nothing much else there.

    DISC 2: Persistance

    Snake vs. Ape modes is a very cool mini game. It's both challenging, and fun. Plus there are apperantly some new maps since the first release.

    The Secret Theatre is pretty funny(The ultimate weapon dominates all)... but you probably won't look at the movies more than once..

    Kojima has also added for us the first two(ok, Metal Gear:Snakes revenge is skipped, but o well) Metal Gears... they are well emulated to the PS2, and are actually somewhat fun to play for first timers who skipped out on the NES series(me).... plus, this is the first time you can play MGS2...

    Also on Persistance, maybe my favorite feature, DUEL MODE!.. This is basically all the boss fights/best moments from MGS3. It's a blast to play all of these parts anytime you want to without having multiple saves on your memory card. The only thing they did wrong here is they don't have the opening and closing cutscenes for the bosses... it would have added extra hype to playing these if they had the cutscenes(Ocelot spinning his Colts before the fight=...yes...Badass)

    Also on Persistance is the online mode. The PS2 doesn't have to many great online games, .... Socom is the best PS2 can offer online. Well, MGO(Metal Gear Online) can rank up there with Socom. The online mode is extremely fun, addictive, and tactical. There are tons of small things about the online I can talk about, but my fingers are getting tired :). I'll just say that if you bought the game the first time, it's worth it to trade it in for this one just for the online play. It lags very little online, and the maps are almost perfect.

    So, the MGS3 Subsistance package is the definition of getting your "Bang for the Buck"... a must buy...    

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