what I'd like to see ((not that 360 crap something else))

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is just MGS4 substance with a whole tone of new stuff like more face and body camo and new items and guns
make MGO playable and add trophies then I'm sold

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konami IDs

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lets just hope that Konami wouldn't do a dick move and release it as a new game disc. Japanese gaming companies sometimes baffle me with their decisions. I mean didn't someone in Konami looked at how much shit you have to go through just to play MGO and said " Yup! Thats the way to go". Can you imagine if a game on the 360 made player go through that to play online, SHIIIIIIT! no one would even bother going past the user agreement contract.

 Then I find out that MGO is region locked, some online multi player. In my opinion MGO is a production flop that was handled very poorly, which comes to me as a surprise as I understand that they had beta's running before the game was released. I think Konami would have made a better job if they gave MGO development to a company with more experience with making online multi player or hired people that know the area. Shit, a phone call to ZIpper Interactive would have been a helpful too. and yes I know it past 1.3 million users world wide but think how much more it could have been if they done it right.
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mordukai said:
lets just hope that Konami wouldn't do a dick move and release it as a new game disc. Japanese gaming ... [more]
metal gear doesnt make sense as a online game in the way they did it. it would be like putting capture the flag in tekken.
online modes should relate to the game, not just dump some default game modes. they should of been much more creative with their approach to the online space.
metal gear solid would be great with some small co op missions designed around a small unit infiltrating some place, but as for 2 teams going head-2-head, it just doesnt work.

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