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Not a great game

I know a ton of people like this game. To be honest I am not sure why. I guess people have different taste in games. You wont really be "playing" this game much. There are TONS of cut scenes. TONS!!!! Most of the game feels like you are walking around trying to find the next cut scene. The controls are not terrible but they are still a little over complicated, that being said the controls are not so poor that you will walk away from the game because of them. The reason you may walk away from the "game" is that it doesn't have much "game" in it.

It is not all bad I don't think. The graphics are amazing and the game play has been updated a bit from the older versions. I did like MGS a lot better then MGS4 however, so I'm not sure if the game play and the graphics helped at all. I would not recommend this game to most people. If you only have a PS3 this might be something for you too play while you wait for some of the (hopefully) really great games to come out.

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