Digital Graphic Novel 2?

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If I'm not mistaken, I thought I remember a Digital Graphic Novel 2 to be in the works by the same Ashley Wood. I heard it would be featuring both the original graphic novel and one that included the story of MGS2. I heard that they were also including voice acting to both stories. Not sure where I remember hearing this, but a confirmation link would be nice. Or a link that proves this was just a rumor would be nice too.

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#2 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1985 posts) -

There was confirmation, but I believe Ryan Payton said it in passing during his appearance on 1UP Yours. Don't quote me on that, I think that's where I remember it from.

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#3 Posted by Emiel (585 posts) -

I'd like it too. I bought Graphic Novel 1 last night and really like it. Though I think it's too late now for it to come out.

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