Are Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 being uprezzed as well

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Does anyone know if they are going to be uprezzed to run in 720p too?

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Edit:  Sorry, right, the originals...I have no idea.
Edit Once Again: I would kind of think not, as I've heard Kojima doesn't really hold them in very high esteem, but I'm surprised the Subsistence bonuses are being included in the first place, so...I still have no idea. :<  It'd be great if they were though.

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@SpaceRunaway: Kojima has a low opinion of Metal Gear for the NES, and for Snake's Revenge. He personally developed Metal Gear and it's sequel Metal Gear 2 for the MSX2 and so imagine he has a favorable opinion of those games. A confusing issue to be sure

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I heard that it was his call on leaving the second disk of off the Metal Gear Solid collection for that reason (the last one, not the HD one).  It's complete hearsay on my part, but from what I've heard he really doesn't think those games hold up.
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@SpaceRunaway: You have been horribly misinformed. The entire series pays homage and references back to the first two Metal Gear. They are integral parts of the story and are not brushed over like Devil May Cry 2 is in it's respective series.

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As I can't seem to find anything related to the reason for the removal of the second disc I'll just have to say that that's possible, but you might notice that for instance, the events of Peace Walker pretty much prevent the original games from happening in the way that they were presented.
I'm not making the argument that he dislikes the story (I mean, 4 probably ties back into the story points of the MSX games the strongest), but that the technical aspects of it no longer hold up and he'd rather people focus on his current work.

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Its hard for me to tell. I've got the 360 version, and the 360 up/downscales everything to whatever resolution you set the system to. Really really wish the ps3 would do that for its games. My tv scaler isn't the greatest. I couldn't tell you if their native 720p, which is very possible they can be, but they look fine. Better than on the subsistence disc upscaled on a 20gig ps3, but not leaps and bounds like peace walker does.

I highly reccomend EVERYONE to play at least metal gear 2. Its been my favorite metal gear game since I played the rom back in 98'. Morse code? Hell yes. And...that rom ran the game natively at 1280x1024 on the monitor I had, looked great as well. I've beat metal gear solid 4 on extreme a few times now, and I still think the original two games can be pretty difficult at times. In a few ways, its a 2d overhead metroid a-like, since you're hunting for sooo many items.

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