Broken VR Mission? - Snake Photo Mode Level 7

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As the title implies, i am attempting to do all the vr missions for the achievement but have hit a wall.
Snakes photo mode level 7 is where there are various posters of asian models and you have to take a picture of one of their eyes or mouths, the example picture is given at the start.
There is absolutely no way i am getting this wrong, but the game isn't registering my photo and i'm failing every time.
Anyone else getting this or is there a trick i should know about?

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Problem solved, need to take a picture from further back, to include the entire poster.

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@cikame: Yeah I had trouble with that one as well and I was doing the same thing you were doing, zooming in when you don't have to.....I almost have the achievement, just a few more levels of MGS1 Snake.

EDIT: Also just so you know, MGS1 Snake is 10x harder than all the other characters.....make sure you have mastered all aspects of the game because it takes a lot of skill and some luck to beat all his missions.

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