Having trouble getting back into MGS2 and 3. Need help!

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I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fan. I finished Metal Gear Solid at least six times on the Playstation and a couple more times on the Gamecube. I played MGS2 back when it was new. But since then I haven't touched the series (not even MGS4. Yet!). I got the HD collection and instantly played through Peace Walker. WOW. I loved every minute. So, so brilliant.

But here's the problem. I then went to Snake Eater (being the other one that I have never played). And I just can't work it out. Something's not clicking with the mechanics. It's so different to Peace Walker and I keep getting locked into the PW way of thinking. You can't do that crouch walking the controls are completely different. Coupled with the fact that there's no real tutorial or any explanation of how to pull of stealthy shit that I'm so badass at doing in PW. Basically, I try to sneak up to dudes, get heard/seen, then get my ass handed to me. It's no fun. I came out of it and went back into MGS2 (which I've played through before and loved) and it's the same. Obviously the problem is me and the fact that I can't get the PW controls out of my head.

Is anyone else currently playing it (I'm on 360, by the way) who could potentially offer me some tips? Like, general rules of engagement (or even better, how not to engage the enemies). I usually find that something eventually clicks with these games (like, you work out exactly when the enemies can and cannot see you or whatever) and I suddenly LOVE them. But feeling like an idiot at the moment.

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MGS3 uses the DPAD to sneak so just walking slowly with the analog stick will get you caught, right stick replaces pressure sensitive buttons, take your time, choose "I like MGS3!" for all the PS2 downloadable camos.

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Yeah, you shouldn't have played Peace Walker first. In the time between 3 and Peace Walker, MGS4 came out, and completely changed the controls, turning it from olde timey MGS controls to third person shooter controls.

The way to play 3 is to crawl along, stick to the grass, and try to avoid being seen. At least that's how I played it. And always make sure your camo index is high, and remember that you can change your equipped camo at any time.

Best tip I can give: Get the thermal goggles. I forget where they are off hand, but it's very early in the game, and they will help you greatly. Well, maybe they will be less useful if the game is in HD, because that might make it easier to pick out enemies.

Either way, try to use the tranq pistol and get headshots. That knocks out enemies with one hit.

OH! I just remembered something.

I don't know if they changed this, but on PS2, MGS3 had three movement speeds when standing. There was running, walking slowly, and sneaking. But you had to use the d-pad to sneak. I'm pretty sure that was how it worked, but now that I type that out, it seems crazy, and I haven't played the game in a few years.

One more thing: Aside from the one lengthy radio talking bit at the beginning, all of the lengthy radio conversations in the game are triggered by you calling them, not them calling you. So if you like that stuff (and what MGS fan doesn't?) make sure to call up them up. There's conversations for all sorts of stuff. I think there's something for every food item in the game (oh year, make sure Snake's hunger meter stays filled). And he can get injured too, and then you have to go into a menu and pull bullets out and stuff. And leeches can get on him in water.

There's a lot of stuff going on in the game.

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Good tips, thanks for that! Would you advise playing with the 'classic view' or the third person one? I can't work out if one is better. Which did the original release favour?

I think if I hadn't played Peace Walker first, I might not've played it at all. And that would've been a crime. Just consistently blew me away. Loved the short missions and Extra Ops and everything and all the R&D stuff. Obviously perfect for a handheld, but also perfect for how I play games these days. Just brilliant. Seriously considering getting the PSP version just so I can play it on the go.

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@bibamatt: Third person view. The original version of the game just had the overheard camera, and MGS3: Subsistence added the camera control stuff. It makes it much easier to see where enemies are and whatnot (you should be able to switch by clicking in the right stick, so it's not like you're stuck to one or the other).

Also, Peace Walker is a sequel to 3, so it just seems silly to me to play them out of order like that.

Edit: Also, you can only Transfar with the PS3 version of the HD collection, so you'd have to start a separate game to play it on PSP.

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@MooseyMcMan: I don't think clicking the right stick changes the camera on the 360 version since that's dedicated to pressure sensitive tasks like raising and lowering your gun and interrogating.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: Weird. I totally forgot that the 360 doesn't have the pressure sensitive buttons.

@bibamatt: My advice then: Play the PS3 version. Nah, just kidding about that. Go with the third person camera.

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@MooseyMcMan: Yeah, I knew about the sequel stuff and that I'd hit spoilers going in. When I got hold of the collection (I've just rented it, by the way) I kinda assumed I'd just skip out on Snake Eater and MGS2. I don't know why. But all the hype that Peace Walker got last year (not from this site, mind!) I just really really wanted to give it a bash. I guess I expected to play a couple of missions to see how much I liked it. Ended up finishing it and mopping up loads of the extra stuff, too! And then I enjoyed it so much I've decided to go back to Snake Eater. It is kinda weird knowing what's coming, but it's not too bad. I would definitely start PW from the beginning if I bought it again. I've had enough of the Extra ops for now, but I'd love to play them all if were on vacation or on a long trip.

Thanks for the tips! I'm hoping that I get into the swing of it. I love the atmosphere etc.

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@MooseyMcMan: I'm pretty sure the right stick clicking does change the camera in the 360 one. It did for me when I was playing around with it anyway. Maybe it only activates the holding up your gun stuff when you're in first person? I DUNNO.

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I wonder how the game handles the revolver then. Because late in the game Snake gets a revolver, and in the PS2 version if you moved the right stick around when aiming it, he would twirl it around his finger. Not that that is something important, or has any meaningful value game play wise, I'm just curious.

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I found the best way to replay MGS3 was to run and gun through the game. I'm just not good at being stealthy in 3 so I decided to have fun with it instead of playing in a canonical manner. In the process, I came to the realization that the game provides you with so many different weapons that I was kind of missing out by not venturing outside the use of tranquilizer weapons on my previous playthroughs.

I was only playing on normal and didn't care about how well I performed, though.

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The controls and mechanics are a little unorthodox but once you get a hang of them I think you'll start to enjoy it more.....it was the opposite for me, since I played Peace Walker last it took me awhile to get use to the controls and mechanics.

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Let me get this straight-

You played through Peace Walker BEFORE Snake Eater?

When the intro of Peace Walker basically just spoils the entirety of Snake Eater?


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So pressing in the left stick cancels gun actions. I miss the pressure sensitivity. Was this the same for MGS2 Xbox port?

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