MGS HD Collection for Vita?

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So from what I've heard, I forgot specifically where and it would seem crazy for them not to do this, the MGS HD collection is coming to the Vita and the website for the HD collection implies this by saying it is Transfarring enabled for accompanying portable device instead of saying PSP. The Vita will also most likely be out around the time this collection is out because... come on nobody launches a console in December. So since it is confirmed that Konami has at least shown that they are willing to be generous by giving a download code for Peace Walker on the PSP and not making people buy it. So my question is will I have to buy this game on both the Vita and the PS3? Is there any info on this and if there isnt, what do you think Konami will do? I personally think that they wont give it away for free on the Vita if you have the PS3 version but I think it would be fair if they charged 20 bucks  for it on the Vita if you had the PS3 version and I would be willing to pay that

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I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere, but Transfarring is to be with MGS2/3 as well I believe.

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