Snake Eater Camera

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#1 Posted by white (1685 posts) -

Can I switch from the third-person camera to the original camera perspective? I didn't really play Subsistence and to me, my perfect MGS3 experience demands that I play it in its original "sorta" over-head perspective.

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#2 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

Click in the left stick and shit bricks.

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#3 Posted by jacksukeru (6587 posts) -

You can if you click in the right stick, at least you could in the original and there's no reason for them to change that.

Never used it much myself, I thought the newer camera mode felt so much better.

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#4 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Yes you can. Click the right stick/press R3. Voila!

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#5 Posted by Quesa (382 posts) -

There's also a switch in the settings, I think.

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#6 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Also you may pull the right trigger to zoom out ... you end up in the classic angle I think

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